first peoples buffalo jump state park birding trails


From Ulm, 3.5 miles northwest on Ulm Vaughn Road.

General Information

First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park (formerly Ulm Pishkun State Park) is one of the longest prehistoric bison kill sites in North America and is preserved in a 1,600-acre park. Sandstone cliffs, accessed by trail above and below, bring soaring raptors and nesting cliff swallows. Western meadowlarks lead a chorus on the grasslands. Open year-round. Migratory birds are most visible mid-May through mid-July, though present into September. Free entry for Montana residents.


Grasslands, cliffs

Highlighted Species

Rock wren (cliffs); burrowing owl (prairie dog town, best chances before 9:00 am), long-billed curlew; grasshopper sparrow (prairie below); Swainson’s hawk, ferruginous hawk (sometimes), golden eagle; Say’s phoebe may nest on visitor center; short-eared owls dawn and dusk; gray partridge, sharp-tailed grouse sometimes visible.

Facilities and Services

Visitor center, flush toilets, trail. Food and gas at Ulm.


Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 4
4600 Giant Springs Road
Great Falls, MT 59405