Reception: Gesine Janzen

Janzen shares "Ancestral Landscapes" and "Rivers," two collections of monotypes and block prints April 4-29. Monotypes from the “”Ancestral Landscapes” series are based on a trip to Poland in June 2009 and reveal and obscure places, mimicking the act of remembering in which the brain selects certain information and hides other information. The wood block prints in the “”Rivers”” series depict locations along the Missouri River and the Arno and Tiber rivers in Italy.

Events in Lewistown
Larry Blackwood, “Elevations”
Lewistown, MT
Feb 24 - Mar 31
Reception: Gesine Janzen
Lewistown, MT
Apr 7
Places to Stay near Lewistown
White Sulphur Springs - 0 miles away
  • Venue:
  • Lewistown Art Center
  • Address:
  • 323 W. Main St.
  • Lewistown, MT
  • Dates:
  • 04/07/2017, 5-7 p.m.
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