Montana Bale Trail

The Montana Bale Trail, formerly called "What the Hay." Started as a good-natured "spoof" between two neighboring ranchers, this event has now become a nationally recognized celebration.

This event sponsored by Hobson Public Schools is held annually on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The featured attraction of the Event is an eye-catching and "am-hayzing" display of more than 50 incredible hay bale sculptures lining the Montana Bale Trail. The Bale Trail is a 21 mile long loop of state highways 239 and 541 just south of U.S. Highway 87. The eastern entrance to the loop begins at Hobson, the western end is at Windham, with Utica (home of the famous Oxen Yoke Inn) located directly in the middle.

The hay bale sculptures are displayed in fields between Hobson and Windham (Highways 239 and 541), with Utica being the halfway point. Titles of the bales are mounted next to each entry. There are two categories: adults and children aged 12 and under. The only rules are it must be made out of hay or straw. Any one from anywhere is welcome to enter the contest; hay and a location can be provided. Entrees are free.

Montana Bale Trail is a fun community event the whole family will enjoy. You will spend the day viewing creative hay bale sculptures and touring the small towns of Hobson, Utica, and Windham. The three communities combined boast a wide array of dining and social opportunities.

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    • Montana Bale Trail covers 21 miles on Highway 239 and 541, between Hobson and Windham with Hobson being the center. Turn off of Highway 87 between Great Falls and Lewistown.
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