We’re Off To The Blaine County Wildlife Museum

There are two museums in Chinook, literally a stone’s throw apart.

Our first stop was at the historical museum and then we wandered into the next block to the Blaine County Wildlife Museum. I can remember this building from many years ago because it was the local theater. It’s next use was as a video rental location and now it seems to have a perfect fit in showcasing Montana wildlife.

The wildlife museum was in developmental stages for a long time. The community has an annual fundraiser to support and enhance the facility and grants have been written over the years. The result is definately worth a break from your travels along US Hwy 2.

This pronghorn (antelope) exhibit is nicely done. It’s a fall scene so it fit well with our late October visit.


It’s difficult to choose a favorite display at the wildlife museum. I really like this wetlands exhibit but I’d have to also say I like them all! I was having fun shooting pictures and ended up with more of the wetlands exhibit than any.

Local families have “adopted” some exhibits in order to meet fundraising goals so you feel a strong sense of community pride at the museum.




One exhibit depicts a scene from a buffalo jump. Plains Indians used these geographic formations to harvest buffalo before the introduction of horses and firearms in the area.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Chinook and both of their museums. We learned area history and also saw amazing wildlife displays.



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