Spinning A Yarn

Some folks spin a yarn and tell a story, others really do spin yarn!

Once a month a local group of spinners and weavers sets up spinning wheels in a Great Falls, MT museum and demonstrates this amazing art.

This group was at the C M Russell Museum one Sunday afternoon. I had just completed an afternoon of running around town checking off my long list of errands to accomplish. I was stressed to the max. Then I arrived at the museum and was amazed at how relaxed this group was. The fiber products they were spinning were absolutely beautiful and they also had a display of hand-made knitted garments and felted items.

Ranches in Montana’s Russell Country raise a lot of sheep, llamas and alpacas so its nice to see the fleece product being used locally. You can even purchase yarn or the finished garment.

On my list of “things to do in my spare time” I have a new entry – take some time to learn to spin yarn!

Check local calendars for times and locations of the spinners and weavers group.

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