More About Two Medicine Dinosaur Center

It seems to be quite a contrast to be in such a tiny town (Bynum, MT) with a population of about 27 people and find this unique dinosaur facility.

Ongoing paleo digs are a great part of summer activities at Two Medicine but the center itself has amazing displays. It is one of the “stars” on the Montana Dinosaur Trail and a visit to the center won’t disappoint you.

Going way, way back, these tiny nestling bones shown in the display case were found by Marion Trexler Brandvold. Marion’s son Dave Trexler runs Two Medicine Dinosaur Center and she can be credited for instilling a love of the outdoors in Dave.

When Marion found these babies it changed how scientists viewed dinosaurs. The bones of the nestlings and the dinosaur nest itself gradually led to naming a dinosaur “Maiasaura” which translates to good mother lizard. And, that is Montana’s official state dinosaur.

I took photos of almost all of the displays at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center but instead of putting them all here, I’ll just encourage everyone to take a scenic drive up US Hwy 89 to Bynum and stop in to the dinosaur center.

Be sure to check out BOB (acronym for Block Of Bones) and that is just what it is. BOB weighs 5.5 ton and has over 100 dinosaur bones from three individual dinosaurs embedded in it. You can see photos of the crane lifting this huge BOB out of the dig site.

This last photo shows the fun gift shop as you enter the building. Anyone looking for a treasure for young children could have a hay-day here. Lots of educational and fun items.

If you plan to follow the Montana Dinosaur Trail be sure to purchase a “passport” for $5. Each facility on the trail sells them and they each have their own unique passport stamp. Once you visit them all, you are given a free tee shirt.


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