It’s Called Square Butte for a Reason

Wow, take a look at that great scenic background!

Our group was getting some geology history as we gazed at the formation known as square butte. I think it looks more “square” or at least flat-topped when viewing it from the south side. We were on the opposite side. To the right of the butte is a former quarry. With all the recent rain in the area we stayed on the road and didn’t drive up to the quarry but local historian Hank Armstrong gave us some interesting information.

There is a BLM outstanding natural area atop the butte and I’d love to hike to it someday. Someday soon! Mountain goats were relocated to the butte years ago and a herd still exists there. You can hunt the area also.

Hank Armstrong has written several books about the area near square butte. One that I found fascinating was about southeastern Montana photographer Evelyn Cameron. Evelyn lived in Terry, MT but spent time in the square butte area and photographed it.

We also toured the Square Butte jail located on the edge of town. It’s on the national register of historic places thanks to lots of work by several local history buffs.

This well-maintained structure wouldn’t hold many people but it served it’s purpose in this community. It was built from material quarried locally. Hank said the weight of one of the blocks would be about 500 pounds. Oh yeah, that’s a lot of lifting! New mortar or grout was put on the jail a few years ago and it looks good.

There is a permanent resident in the jail (Jake) and we also had a couple of our group in “lock-down”.

The weather was great for outside touring – one of the nicest days so far this spring and we were able to enjoy it completely! And learn some history too.

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