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I do like to talk about food in Russell Country!

When our group ate at the Square Butte Country Club the other day we had a buffet-style lunch with (you won’t believe this) spinach wraps with asparagus and hummus, ultra-yummy chicken salad on a croissant, roast beef on sourdough, salad and of course two desserts. I heard someone asking about a particular ingredient and all I found out was that fennel was used in something!

I was so engrossed in our lunch that I didn’t even realize that a couple of regular local lunchers had come in. They were sitting at the bar chatting with Amy, the owner. Actually, we had taken every single table in the place so that’s the only place they could sit! And, that is probably their regular spot.

My camera was nearby so I decided to check out what they were eating. Just as one guy was ready to take a bite I said-NO, WAIT-and he looked at me like I was pretty weird! Obviously, the guy was hungry but darn it, I wanted a photo of that monster hamburger with the even more monster-sized serving of homemade fries. His buddy gave him a look that said he had better do what I asked…word to the wise, don’t get in the way of my camera!

So, take a look at this spread. I suspect it is a standard sized serving at the Square Butte Country Club. I was very full from the lunch I had just eaten but I really wanted to try a french fry, just one. But no, I didn’t ask! I figured I had pushed my luck a bit with this complete stranger.

The two guys actually turned out to be pretty chatty. They were impressed that I was impressed with their local haunt and started telling me just how wonderful the bar/restaurant is and how nice the owner is. Gosh, you can’t beat a testimonial like that.

In the tourism business we always hope that our local residents are friendly and welcoming to visitors. In fact, we do what is called Superhost training to emphasize that. This guy – well, he could teach the training!

A great day in Square Butte, MT.


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