Fiddlin’ Around

Not only could Jayce pack a mule, we found out that he played the fiddle. I’m sure he was pretty tired after packing gear but he agreed to play a few songs for us when we pointed out that we would not hear his music around the campfire when the other guests would. Yup, a little guilt trip there!

We gathered at the main lodge at 7 Lazy P’s upper ranch. Jayce finished his packing duties and out came the fiddle. What fun! It could only have  been better if we were on the trail, sitting around a campfire. I’m grateful that we had a chance to hear him play although I’m sure he had other things to do to get ready for the 10 day pack trip.

His fiddle music was an added bonus for us, also for the other guests and I’m glad we got to hear it. Thanks Jayce!

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