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Early Morning Waterfowl Hunt

I was out for an early morning drive recently, trying to capture a beautiful sunrise. I was successful at that and, as I was driving back to Great Falls along the Missouri River, I saw a couple of guys out waterfowl hunting. The first hunter I saw was a young guy wading in the chilly waters […]

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Montana Cattle Drive

Early yesterday morning I was pointing my car south of Great Falls on US Hwy 89. My destination was White Sulphur Springs, MT about 100 miles south. The drive is beautiful any time of year. US Hwy 89 from the junction of US 87 and US 89 (Armington rest area) to the junction of US […]

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X-C Ski Day at Silver Crest

Last Saturday was Silver Crest Trails Association‘s annual SnowFest at the Kings Hill Winter Recreation Area south of Neihart, Montana. And, what a fun day it was! I was basically trying to squeeze in several activities Saturday – early morning bird count, an hour’s drive to the Kings Hill Winter Recreation Area, then a Broadway show […]

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New Snow – Time to Play Outside

It seems a bit early for snow, at least this much, but I have decided there really is no normal weather anymore. I’ve heard that this past week Great Falls, Montana received 14 inches of the white fluffy stuff and I’ve also heard 14.9 inches. Well, bottom line, there is plenty of snow for getting outside and […]

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Wintry Day – Time for Inside Touring

Lots of snow came falling on Central Montana today, actually some yesterday and last night too. I decided it was a good day for inside touring and Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is on my route to and from the post office. Today there were lots of “young” artists in a class that looked like pre-school […]

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Snowy Day on the Rocky Mountain Front

Last week as several of us were exploring Choteau, we decided to head west of town on the Teton Road (newly paved, very smooth!). After almost 20 miles we crossed the Teton River and then started driving towards Teton canyon. Our first stop was at a BLM trailhead kiosk and rest area for hikers heading to Ear Mountain, one of […]

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New Event at the Christmas Stroll

Friday’s Christmas Stroll in downtown Great Falls had all of the perfect elements – mild temperatures but you still needed winter clothing, lots of people, festive and decorated storefronts and most stores were open. There were street vendors selling a nice variety of food, restaurants and lounges were open and there was live music on […]

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