We’re Off To The Blaine County Wildlife Museum

There are two museums in Chinook, literally a stone’s throw apart. Our first stop was at the historical museum and then we wandered into the next block to the Blaine County Wildlife Museum. I can remember this building from many years ago because it was the local theater. It’s next use was as a video rental location and now it seems to have a perfect fit in showcasing Montana wildlife. The wildlife museum was in developmental … Read more

Montana’s Missouri River Breaks

After leaving Winifred, MT this morning our group drove about 15 miles north into the Missouri River Breaks. Locally, you’ll hear this area referred to as “The Breaks”. From Fort Benton to 149 miles downstream, the Mighty Mo has a Wild & Scenic designation. This river area and part of the land surrounding the Wild & Scenic Missouri are also in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, a designation made by former US President Bill Clinton before he left office. That’s a lot … Read more

Walleye Fishing At Valier’s Lake Frances

Lake Frances in Valier is known for great walleye fishing. The lake is close and convenient to town. Basically, the city’s streets take you right to the water’s edge. A campground with electrical hookups, bathroom facilities and a playground is right on the shoreline and there is also a motel and bed and breakfast in Valier. The lake was built for irrigation purposes and it has evolved into also being used as a recreation area. We’ve had plenty of … Read more

Are There Fish At Triple J Ranch?

As you walk between the cabins and the lodge at Triple J guest ranch you see the Trout Pond. It’s a calm and pastoral setting and I am positive there are plenty of trout there. Ranch owner Ernie Barker has agreed to do a fly-casting and fish-catching demo for five of us. Today is cooler, a little cloudy and my eagle eye is predicting some moisture. I’ve always heard that fish bite best when it’s … Read more

A Fisherman’s Paradise

I was recently driving through Loma, MT on US Hwy 87. It’s a pretty small town with a restaurant and convenience store and now there are 2 cabins for overnight rental and 2 more are planned. I stopped and toured the cabins with the owner, who sounds like an avid fisherman. He said these cabins were built by a fisherman, for fishermen! No kidding! The duplex-style cabins have a laundry facility between them. In the laundry … Read more

Successful Fishing Derby in Fort Benton

The 2010 Spring Classic Fishing Derby was held May 21 – 23 in Fort Benton, Montana. The derby was a fund raiser for Fort Benton’s rural fire department. To begin with, records were set just with registration. A total of 116 people registered for the weekend derby. Everyone received a fishing pole, 12 mountain bikes were given to kids and many other great prizes were awarded throughout the event. Now, let’s talk fish!   The … Read more

International Migratory Bird Day

The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT will celebrate International Migratory Bird Day Saturday, May 16th. From 9am to 5pm there will be activities that should entice just about anybody. There will be two guided bird walks, one at 9am, one at 11am. I know the lady leading these walks and she will teach everyone something! Bring your binocs and, of course,  some good walking shoes. A 98 minute film titled “Winged … Read more

Squirrel (Gopher) Hunting Contest

Ground squirrels, locally called gophers, are considered pests by farmers and ranchers because of the hundreds (seems like thousands) of hazardous holes they dig. This Saturday, May 9th, in Choteau, MT there will be a gopher shooting contest sponsored by Wings and Wild Things in an effort to keep the gopher population from causing more harm. The contest starts at 9am Saturday in Choteau. Hunters need to check in with Wings and Wild Things gun … Read more

The Geese Are Here

It’s ltime for our annual migration of tens of thousands of snow geese. The largest staging area in Russell Country is at Freezout Lake WMA between Choteau and Fairfield, MT. Another great viewing area is Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge north of Great Falls. There is open water at both locations, its still chilly north of Montana, so migratory waterfowl are just hanging out, feeding on grain stubble to get lots of energy for the rest … Read more

Still Birdwatching – Our List is Growing

Here’s the drill, it’s 6am, we are packed and checked out, breakfast is either consumed or in hand, and we are driving south of Havre, MT 10 miles to Beaver Creek Park. This 17 mile long park straddles the paved road giving easy access to several camping areas, fishing gems, and great places for birding. Although I was tired and probably not ready to start, the first group of birds did get my attention. Think … Read more