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Heading to the Honker Hilton

There is a sizeable batch of geese and a couple of swans who call the pond at Gibson Park in Great Falls their home. At least for the summer. As colder weather begins to move in, Great Falls Park and Recreation staff move the geese and swans indoors to what has been dubbed the “Honker Hilton”. […]

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Pheasant Hunting In Montana

OK, I’m going to do some whining right off the bat here! I had envisioned a crisp fall day, bright sunshine and basically a great day out of the office in search of some wily pheasants. The first thing I did was look out the window and that “slight chance” of precipitation that the weatherman predicted had […]

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Annual Release of the Ducks

This morning was the Annual Release of the Ducks at the pond in Gibson Park, downtown Great Falls. It was scheduled for 10:30am but city park & rec crews were a bit late. I suspect rounding up ducks is a bit like, well, herding chickens, so the event began when the ducks were ready. There […]

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Hunting Season in Montana

Big game rifle hunting season is in full swing in north central Montana. Russell Country’s geography is varied and you’ll find mule and white tail deer, antelope, elk and more. Antelope (pronghorn) hunting closes November 13. I quickly stopped my car the other day to catch a fleeting photo of this antelope. Gosh, these guys are […]

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Are We Bird Hunting Or Golfing?

One thing that has amazed me on our golf journey through north central Montana is how much time people spend searching for their golf ball. One of the guys hit a ball OB (out of bounds…yes, I’ve learned the lingo!) and we all went looking for it. In what looked like an empty field next to the Jawbone […]

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A Fish Is Caught

We had seen several drift boats with fishermen moving downstream on the Missouri River near Cascade, MT the other day. Most boats had a guide rowing and two people fishing. But, no fish were seen! Our weather had finally turned pleasant for fishing (my opinion) with no rain, lots of water and some bright sunshine. […]

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One More Fishing Photo

I took so many fishing photos so I’d sure like to share them! Here’s a different angle where it seems like the drift boat is coming straight towards me. These fishermen had been in a holding pattern close to the edge of the Missouri River. Evidently, that location wasn’t producing any bites because they just started to […]

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A Good-Sized Walleye

We’ve had so much rain and high water so fishing hasn’t been at it’s best. But, this walleye could be out there waiting for you! The walleye tournament at Fresno Reservoir west of Havre has already been held. The next tournament on the schedule is June 11-12 at Tiber (Lake Elwell) close to Chester and […]

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I Can Hear Elk Bugling

The elk are NOT bugling in the outdoors right now but I’ve been at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Phoenix, AZ and it seems like there are elk bugling in the stadium exhibit hall. Today I attended Belt, Montana guide and TV show host (Shoot Straight TV) Chad Shearer’s presentation on elk hunting. It really […]

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