Canoe Trip on the Wild & Scenic Missouri River

It was clear and sunny Saturday morning and twelve of us launched a canoe and a catamaran on the Missouri River at Judith Landing. The landing area is also referred to as the PN Bridge for the PN ranch nearby. The catamaran-type craft was made of two canoes lashed together with comfortable seating. We were floating with river guide Terry Selph who owns Hole In The Wall Adventures based in Lewistown. I’ve floated the upper stretch … Read more

Tonka Trucks Galore

I spent a day in Winifred, Montana and my first memory is that of Tonka trucks! When I drove in to Winifred it was early on a Saturday. The busiest place in town was the Winifred Cafe. There were so many cars in front and surrounding the cafe, I wondered if a large meeting was going on. I realized that it was just a good sign that this is a great breakfast spot. This small community … Read more

A Visit to 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch

It’s time to move to our next guest ranch. Pine Butte guest ranch is located on the south fork of the Teton River and we’ll go to the north fork and visit 7 Lazy P guest ranch. After extended goodbyes at Pine Butte, we drive what seems like only about 15 minutes and we are at 7 Lazy P. Owner Chuck Blixrud is patiently waiting at the lodge for us. I’ve known Chuck for many years and … Read more

Learning How To Pack A Mule

We’ve been riding horses while we have been at Triple J Wilderness Ranch but they have quite a few mules in the corral also. Mules are used for pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness area and there is quite an art to packing them. One of our wranglers is ready to give us a demo on how this job is done. First of all, the mule is huge. He’s a good model though, patient and seemingly easy-going. … Read more

Good Times In Two Dot

This past weekend I drove to Two Dot, MT for a ranch wedding. What a beautiful drive! On the way there I drove US 89 over Kings Hill Pass through Monarch, Neihart and then a quick jog in to White Sulphur Springs. White Sulphur was hopping with the parade just about to start. Their Labor Day rodeo followed the parade. Lots of out of town folks looking for some small town fun. As I passed … Read more

Driving With Dixie – The Postlude

Dixie says goodbye to our blog and shares a few more thoughts with us. As we reflect on the last 6 days, we’d just like to say “We made it all the way through the Montana Dinosaur Trail! It is do-able and fun!” Our mileage was close to 1,500 miles across some amazingly varied terrain. I wish everyone could enjoy the state of Montana. It is beautiful! On our last day we drove from Glacier … Read more

Driving With Dixie – Final Day

Hi everyone. We made it! We have completed the Montana Dinosaur Trail! It was great. A quick glance back at our trip – two grandmas (young grandmas!) and three grandsons, one van and a lot of miles. We traveled from southeast Montana to northeast Montana, then followed US Hwy 2 from Glasgow, almost to the junction of US Hwy 2 and US Hwy 89. We worked our way south along the Rocky Mountain Front, then … Read more

Day Four – Driving With Dixie

Anolther lovely day on the Montana Dinosaur Trail with my sister and the three handsome grandsons! We left Shelby this morning and made it all the way to Bozeman with several adventures and awesome decisions to make in all the gift shops…what choices! The drive to Bynum started with not one cloud in the sky and the spectacular Bob Marshall Wilderness across our windshield. There were green fields and oil wells alongside cattle and horses and once in … Read more

Driving With Dixie – Day Three

From Fort Peck to Malta is a drive of only 1 1/2 hours. At the Great Plains Dinosaur Musem in Malta, Brentton and Jake thought that the Leonardo replica was very authentic looking. THey have seen the actual fossil of Leo many times and were impressed with the way it was being painted. Ayden loved the dig pit and the gift shop. He actually compared it to Toys R Us! The new ocean display with … Read more

Driving With Dixie – The Prelude

In just a couple of days, two grandmas from northeastern Montana will take three grandkids on a tour of the Montana Dinosaur Trail. There are 15 attractions on the trail and we anticipate they will cover about 925 miles from Ekalaka to Bozeman. This doesn’t count getting the group to Ekalaka or getting back to northeastern Montana from Bozeman. Here’s Grandma Dixie and she has agreed to post daily blogs, also some photos of the group as they … Read more