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Exploring Shelby, Montana

I was in Shelby for a meeting yesterday and took some time to explore the town after the meeting. Shelby bills itself as the “Crossroads” – Interstate 15 runs north and south and US Hwy 2 travels east-west and both heavily traveled routes intersect here. They also have Amtrak passenger rail service which pretty much parallels […]

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Traveling to Turner

Mention the town of Turner, Montana and some life-long Montana residents get a puzzled look on their face. The town’s location is about 35 miles north of Harlem (US Hwy 2) and 12 miles south of the US/Canada border. The border crossing, named after the Saskatchewan town of Climax, helps bring Canadian travelers to the community and also makes […]

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A Quick Tour of Brady

Last weekend I was waiting to meet someone who had a late start so I decided to take the Brady exit off I-15 that I always had planned to take one day when I had time. Yes, it took me several years to find the time! Our weather was pretty fickle that day – sunny […]

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Get Lost in Central Montana

Well, the statewide campaign is technically Get Lost anywhere in Montana! At first we were all a bit skeptical about telling people to Get Lost. Now, it’s lots of fun to see the bumper stickers and other Get Lost swag as we are driving around the state. The campaign really was developed to urge Montanans […]

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Sharing Central Montana

Central Montana had a booth at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Denver, CO last week to tout the benefits of a visit to the tourism region. Initial estimates for attendance at the sportsmen show came in at around 40,000 – oh yeah, lots of people! Attendees were lined up each morning for the four-day show, waiting […]

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