Mountain Biking on River’s Edge Trail

I’ll be open right up front – a mountain biker I am not! Casual, bike around the neighborhood yes, but nothing too daring. But, we had so much fun doing a video of several mountain bikers who volunteered to be models for a video we are doing and I’d like to share the experience. Our goal is to feature several areas of our thirteen county region and show off our awesome uncrowded trails in a … Read more

Lake Frances – Birds, Boats and a Surprise

I was on my way to a meeting last week where the route took me through Valier. My plans were to try and get photos of sunset over Lake Frances on the west edge of Valier but I was too early. Instead of being disappointed I found lots of photo ops that I hadn’t even considered. First of all, everyone goes to Freezout Lake Wildlife Management Area between Fairfield and Choteau to view the snowgoose … Read more

Rodeo Returns to Cascade, MT

After a 30-year plus absence, rodeo returned to Cascade, Montana this weekend. A hard-working group created an arena – they plowed a pasture, put up a fence, placed bleachers…this was an effort that started literally with a blank canvas and produced fine results. This was my four year old granddaughter’s first rodeo and she was rather cautious and curious about all of the cowpies we saw as we walked from the parking pasture. Yes, three weeks ago … Read more

Party In The Pasture

This past weekend was the Red Ants Pants Music Festival, a multi day fest held on a ranch just a couple miles out of White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Yes, it is held in a cow pasture! Lots of phrases come to mind when I think about the festival – good music and attendees of all ages enjoying it, good brews and awesome foods, farm and ranch skills being demonstrated, and about the best scenic backdrop … Read more

Stand Up Paddling Near Great Falls – Calm, Serene, Peaceful

Gosh, you can’t come up with enough adjectives to describe stand up paddling! I was not doing the stand up thing, instead I was in a motorized boat getting photos and videos of our two happy volunteers, Chris and Beth from Bighorn Outdoor Specialists in Great Falls. Our weather had been changing – typical spring weather where we have beautiful, calm mornings and afternoons. Then late afternoon we seem to get wind picking up and … Read more

Fun Time at the Utica Day Fair

I’m not sure how many people live in the small town of Utica, MT but it isn’t many. I’d guess about 40 or 50. Utica is about half way between Hobson and Windham and it becomes a key location during the Montana Bale Trail: What The Hay event the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. A huge craft fair with many food vendors happens in Utica during the event and there was also some good … Read more

Floating Montana’s Missouri River

I was up early today, backpack, sunscreen and camera packed, in time to be across town for a 7am departure to float the Missouri River. There were about 35 in our group – kids aged 9 – 12 who had written an essay and entered a contest sponsored by National Geographic. Their chaperones, mostly parents, also joined us. The contest is titled the Hands on Exploration project and winners were treated to a trip to explore an area. This … Read more

A Mega Summer Celebration

Each year the community of Fort Benton sponsors Summer Celebration the fourth weekend in June. I always want to embellish that name a bit because just calling it Summer Celebration doesn’t explain the magnitude of the event. First of all, it lasts three days. Friday’s festivities begin with a free noon pig roast courtesy of First Security Bank. If you’re still hungry, head to another bank for dessert after that. You can also see an old-time gun … Read more

Missouri River Ferries Open for the Season

Another rite of spring – the three free river ferries on the Upper Missouri River begin operating! The ferries are operated by the local county government -both Chouteau County and Blaine County coordinate the river ferries. An operator usually lives right close to the river and when you drive up there is a buzzer to signal the operator that you need (or just want) a ride across the river. The other day I found the brightest … Read more

Fun Time at Dupuyer’s Grizzly Day

Today I drove to Dupuyer (Doo Poo Yer) on US Hwy 89 north of Choteau. It’s about 85 miles northwest of Great Falls and it is a stunning drive. I saw lots of motorcycles on this highway – think lots of curves, rolling foothills and the spectacular Rocky Mountain front to the west. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the road sometimes! The annual Dupuyer Grizzly Day was today. We missed the pancake breakfast … Read more