Entering Triple J Guest Ranch

As we drove in to Triple J Wilderness Ranch we all wanted to get our cameras out and start capturing this idyllic scene. In a couple of panoramic views we saw aspen trees, pine trees, a rambling road, lots of horses (I bet there are 100) and a beautiful log lodge and cabins. All of this was surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains. I took many outside photos of the cabins and … Read more

Good Times In Two Dot

This past weekend I drove to Two Dot, MT for a ranch wedding. What a beautiful drive! On the way there I drove US 89 over Kings Hill Pass through Monarch, Neihart and then a quick jog in to White Sulphur Springs. White Sulphur was hopping with the parade just about to start. Their Labor Day rodeo followed the parade. Lots of out of town folks looking for some small town fun. As I passed … Read more

Driving With Dixie – Day Three

From Fort Peck to Malta is a drive of only 1 1/2 hours. At the Great Plains Dinosaur Musem in Malta, Brentton and Jake thought that the Leonardo replica was very authentic looking. THey have seen the actual fossil of Leo many times and were impressed with the way it was being painted. Ayden loved the dig pit and the gift shop. He actually compared it to Toys R Us! The new ocean display with … Read more

Touring the Highwood Mountains

A few days ago I went with a group to do birdwatching in the Highwood Mountains. Our primary goal was to follow a bluebird trail and the gorgeous scenery was just icing on the cake! We did bring a bluebird expert along so he assisted in checking some of the existing bluebird boxes. OK, he did more than assist! One box needed to be replaced, probably due to a cow or other animal bumping in … Read more

River History – The Upper Missouri River

Take a tip from the locals – a float trip on the Upper Missouri River should just be part of everyone’s summer.  Before you go, schedule a visit to the Bureau of Land Management’s Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center in Fort Benton. The BLM center is located right along the river bank and as you enter the front of the building you’ll see several rivers converging in the concrete. Gosh, a history lesson before you even enter … Read more

A Variety of Tourist Activities

We stayed overnight at Virgelle, MT in original homestead cabins, complete with kerosene lantern and a copy of the original property deed. What unique lodging! The Virgelle Merc was busy this morning with several groups getting ready to launch canoes at Coal Banks Landing just one mile downstream. We didn’t get a chance to canoe, but we did ride the free river ferry and my travel buddies loved it! The Upper Missouri has three river … Read more

Road Trip Travels North

We left Great Falls this morning and drove first to Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Past blogs will give you a glimpse into my birdwatching skills and I wanted to show this gem off to my friends. After a stop at Benton Lake’s new visitor center we took one of the auto tour routes. We saw a lot of birds, I couldn’t name hardly any of them. Our visit was still a treat but…I should … Read more

Russell Country Road Trip

Time for a road trip! Follow along with me and several friends who wanted to experience Montana’s Russell Country. We began by taking a raft trip on the Missouri River in Wolf Creek Canyon, about 35 minutes southwest of Great Falls. The day started out cloudy, but as we launched, the sun brightened our beautiful “Big Sky” and stayed that way the entire trip. The rocky canyon walls are impressive when you drive by them … Read more

America The Beautiful – Russell Country’s Version

On a recent trip to Chester, MT I realized we are in the midst of harvest in northcentral Montana. Just like the song, those amber waves of grain covered acres and acres of fields. Harvest crews were working diligently, carrying on a way of life in the breadbasket of Montana. I’ve often thought it would be great to label our crops so visitors (and locals too) would know the types of grain growing. This area … Read more

Floating the Mighty Mo

It’s definitely summertime and that means time to enjoy our waterways. Join me in recalling my last float trip down the Mighty Missouri and through the famous White Cliffs. Our first stop was in Fort Benton, MT at the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center. We learned some good tips on floating the river and also bought river maps.  The Wild & Scenic Missouri stretches for 149 miles and is contained in the Upper Missouri … Read more