It Was A Great Ride

As we left the pack trip riders from 7 Lazy P’s upper ranch and turned back, I felt sad. They would have great memories of the Bob Marshall Wilderness and they would get to see the Chinese Wall. I would have memories of a very fun ride and amazing scenery, although it was just for one day. After a very relaxing late lunch, Laura, the wrangler who would lead us back, said we had better get started. She kept turning back to look … Read more

Back At The Ranch

We were back at 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch west of Choteau recently to shoot some photos. Earlier this summer we were at the lower ranch, but this time we stayed at the upper ranch, a favorite of mine. I walked around the ranch and along the West Fork of the Teton. This photo is looking west into the Lewis & Clark National Forest and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, the area we would ride into the … Read more

Cave Mountain Campground

Another beautiful day along the Rocky Mountain Front found me at Cave Mountain campground in the Lewis & Clark National Forest. If you drive US Hwy 89 about 5 miles north of Choteau, then turn west onto the Teton Road and drive about 23 miles, you’ll reach the turn for Cave Mountain campground. About two-thirds of the Teton Road to Cave Mountain is paved, then it turns to gravel. The terrain seems fairly flat when you turn … Read more

The Scenery Is Jaw-Dropping Pretty

A month ago when I was at Pine Butte Guest Ranch I was impressed with the wildflowers – the ever-so-showy arrowleaf balsamroot literally covered meadows and mountainsides. Those same areas now seemed to be covered with a true wildflower mix. I won’t even begin to say the names, because I don’t know them, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the explosion of color covering the area. As we rode away from the ranch headquarters we climbed through … Read more

Canoe Trip on the Wild & Scenic Missouri River

It was clear and sunny Saturday morning and twelve of us launched a canoe and a catamaran on the Missouri River at Judith Landing. The landing area is also referred to as the PN Bridge for the PN ranch nearby. The catamaran-type craft was made of two canoes lashed together with comfortable seating. We were floating with river guide Terry Selph who owns Hole In The Wall Adventures based in Lewistown. I’ve floated the upper stretch … Read more

Montana’s Missouri River Breaks

After leaving Winifred, MT this morning our group drove about 15 miles north into the Missouri River Breaks. Locally, you’ll hear this area referred to as “The Breaks”. From Fort Benton to 149 miles downstream, the Mighty Mo has a Wild & Scenic designation. This river area and part of the land surrounding the Wild & Scenic Missouri are also in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, a designation made by former US President Bill Clinton before he left office. That’s a lot … Read more

North Fork Teton River Tour

Our Pine Butte staffers had another area to show us and that was on the north fork of the Teton River. Pine Butte guest ranch sits on the south fork but, as the crow files, they aren’t far apart. Two guest ranch vans traveled to the north side of the river, then west going deeper in to the Rocky Mountains. We passed the entrance to a local ski area and beyond that, I was slightly unsure … Read more

A Perfect Setting at Pine Butte Guest Ranch

As we drive out to Pine Butte Guest Ranch west of Choteau, MT the terrain begins to change. When we turned west off US Hwy 89 a few miles north of Choteau, we saw the Rocky Mountains but the ground was still fairly flat. We are on the Teton Canyon Road, paved for most of the way as it follows along the north side of the Teton River. We cross the river and drive on the gravel … Read more

Morning Stroll at Triple J Ranch

Last night I was so tired – it must have been all of the fresh mountain air. To top it off, I woke up very early today so I decided to go out for a walk. The morning air was crisp reminding me that we are at a higher elevation, around 5,300 feet above sea level. My home elevation is 3,300 feet and it did seem different. I’ve decided this photo should be titled Winding Road. The setting was so beautiful … Read more

Entering Triple J Guest Ranch

As we drove in to Triple J Wilderness Ranch we all wanted to get our cameras out and start capturing this idyllic scene. In a couple of panoramic views we saw aspen trees, pine trees, a rambling road, lots of horses (I bet there are 100) and a beautiful log lodge and cabins. All of this was surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains. I took many outside photos of the cabins and … Read more