Enjoying the Drive on US Hwy 89

Every now and then, actually quite frequently during the summer, you’ll hear me complaining about highway construction. If I’m not complaining I’m stressing about whether or not I’ll hit construction and be delayed. Well, I must give kudos where they are do. A week ago I was traveling south on US Hwy 89. I knew there had been construction there this past summer but it was after work hours and I hoped they were either … Read more

Enjoying the Serenity of Lewistown’s Labyrinth

I was in Lewistown, Montana a couple of weeks ago. My day had been one of those where just about every hour I had to be somewhere and I was feeling like I was glued to the clock and hadn’t completed anything. When my last scheduled meeting was over I knew I had 100 miles to go to get home. Still, I decided I could use a de-stress session and I took some time to enjoy the Lewistown Community Labyrinth. I’m always … Read more

Learning About the Solar System

The Central Montana Astronomy Society pulled out all of the stops (well, all of their scopes) Friday evening to view the sun and later the stars. They always set up in the parking lot of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center east of Great Falls. It’s far enough away from the lights of Great Falls to avoid the glow of artificial light. And, the Lewis & Clark expedition used celestial readings to guide them on their … Read more

Rafting the Missouri River

During the month of June it seems like we had nothing but rain in Central Montana. We don’t usually complain about moisture but I was eager for summer-like weather. By the end of the month everything changed and now it seems like we have hit our summer high temps big-time. My answer to that was to cool down with a river trip! We decided to spend about a half day on the Missouri River launching at a location … Read more

War Horse Natl Wildlife Refuge. A True Gem Near Winnett

I have known about War Horse National Wildlife Refuge for quite awhile. But, it’s taken me quite awhile to get there and enjoy it! Finally, an opportunity to be near Winnett happened and I told several people I was definitely planning on visiting War Horse. I was driving east on MT Hwy 200 and looking for some type of sign that said to turn to go to the refuge. Information on U. S. Fish & … Read more

Learning Central Montana Geology

A few years ago Montana’s First Lady, Nancy Schweitzer, began a campaign to educate locals and visitors about our unique geology. I’m still learning, slowly but surely! My latest experience was on MT Hwy 80 between Fort Benton and Denton. I’ve driven this route quite a few times and I must say, it is vastly different than US Hwy 87 which runs almost parallel about 25 miles south. There are two prominent features on MT … Read more

Colors of Fall at Great Falls’ Waterfalls

I was touring some friends around Great Falls the other day and lamented the fact that the water levels in the Missouri River were so low. After I said that I realized that work was being done at one of the hydroelectric power dams on the series of waterfalls and that could certainly have been the reason for the water draw-down. We drove along River Road past Giant Springs State Park, then stopped at one … Read more

Scenic Drive East of Great Falls

I was on the road yesterday, headed to the small community of Geraldine. My departure from Great Falls was early, mostly because I had tons of work to get done but it also gave me the best photography light of the day. Just a few miles east of Great Falls I turned on to the Highwood Road. It’s harvest and haying time so I noticed more traffic than usual, which still isn’t much! The sunlight was hitting … Read more

Scenic Drive Through Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation

I was on my way to Chinook in northern Montana last weekend and had a little spare time so I decided to turn in to the little town of Box Elder and drive through Rocky Boy. When you are traveling on US Hwy 87 the terrain seems relatively flat. Area farmers grow plenty of small grain crops ranging from wheat and barley to a nice variety of pulse crops (peas, lentils). A lesson about agriculture – if … Read more

Traveling to Turner

Mention the town of Turner, Montana and some life-long Montana residents get a puzzled look on their face. The town’s location is about 35 miles north of Harlem (US Hwy 2) and 12 miles south of the US/Canada border. The border crossing, named after the Saskatchewan town of Climax, helps bring Canadian travelers to the community and also makes a shorter trip for US citizens heading in to Canada. I stopped along the paved road between Harlem and Turner … Read more