Freezout Lake WMA on a Cloudy Day

A week ago I looked at my schedule and decided I had better plan an outing to Freezout Lake Wildlife Management Area for spring bird migration. The recorded message for the state Wildlife Management Area said the birds were coming in smaller groups, not such big waves and this was probably due to early warm weather. We’ve had an incredibly mild winter, and I’m not complaining about that, but I also realize what it does … Read more

I Finally Got to Swift Dam

Well, there is a story about me going to Swift Dam west of Dupuyer, Montana! Many years ago I had never heard of Swift Dam. Everytime someone mentioned it I became more intrigued and decided I was going to go. However, I wasn’t sure how to get there. I was told the road was iffy. Then, when I was in the area the weather was looking like a storm and I was advised to not … Read more

More than Fiddles at Annual Camp

This is one of those – I wish I had realized how fun this event would be! A couple of weeks ago I drove to the St. Thomas Camp near Monarch, Montana for the evening concert at the annual Montana Fiddle Camp. I had never been there and had no idea what to expect. Well – it’s a lot more than fiddles! You would have a hard time missing this camp – huge banners were … Read more

Great Snow – Good Time on X-C Skis

The first time I ever went X-C skiing I took my two young children. It was a learning experience for all of us and I came home just a bit stressed. I wasn’t sure I was learning the sport as well as I could and the kids didn’t seem too happy either. Fast forward one week and both kids were asking if we could go again! That was many years ago and I once again … Read more

Snowmobiling? I’ll Give It A Try!

We wanted to get some photos and video of snowmobiling in the region and I started asking around for some contacts. I mentally went through a list of friends and turned up nobody who had a snowmobile. Actually, I needed several snowmobiles to photograph and one for me to ride on. Okay, now remember that comment about me “riding on” a snowmobile. I was lucky to find a guy who is the president of the … Read more

Downhill Skiing at Showdown Montana Ski Area

Showdown Montana Ski Area is located in the Little Belt Mountains on the Lewis & Clark National Forest. I was fortunate to spend some time there last week checking out all they have to offer. First of all, if you’ve ever had to drive on snow-packed gravel roads to get to a ski area, you’ll appreciate being able to simply turn off US Hwy 89 and drive in to Showdown’s parking lot. Showdown Montana is … Read more

Upper Missouri Breaks Campgrounds Close for Winter

The photo doesn’t fit the news! It was taken during the summer so you’ll just have to imagine snow covering the campsites and ice on the Missouri River. The Bureau of Land Management has just announced that from December 1 through approximately March 31 (or until the Missouri ice conditions are no longer ice) Coal Banks Landing and James Kipp Recreation Areas are closed. At James Kipp Recreation Area the road down in to the … Read more

Great Addition to Lewistown’s Trail System

Lewistown recently installed a “trailhead” for their beautiful walking trail system. The trailhead has a jumping fish surrounded by interpretive panels detailing the trails and also the history of Lewistown. It’s magnificent and this photo doesn’t do it justice! Here’s what I learned when I checked out the trailhead. There are two loops that comprise the Lewistown Trail System – the city loop and the airport loop. The city loop is the core of the system and you can … Read more

The Fish Were Biting at Ackley Lake State Park

First of all, a confession. I had never been to Ackley Lake State Park until last night. When you realize it is only 7 miles off the highway from Hobson, MT it’s hard to believe I haven’t gone before. It was about 5:30pm last night when I was almost to Hobson coming home from a day of work in Lewistown. I had recently visited with the new Region 4 State Park manager and made a … Read more

Following the EarthCache Trail on the Upper Missouri River

When the Bureau of Land Management’s Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center in Fort Benton, Montana came up with the idea of earthcaching I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I had heard of “geocaching”, hadn’t ever tried it, but at least that term was familiar. Earthcaching was something new for me. I planned to do some studying on earthcaching before I tried doing it but that just didn’t happen. However, the BLM had some nice handouts explaining it. … Read more