Guest Ranch Getaway-Starting Our Trip

I recently had the opportunity to visit three guest ranches along the Rocky Mountain Front. Five gals met in Augusta, MT (about 60 miles west of Great Falls) at an eclectic gift store/coffee bar called Latigo and Lace to start this amazing vacation. The weather was everything we could have asked for, bright, sunny skies and a few huge white clouds to create our Big Sky Country canopy. Two of us had been to Augusta before but … Read more

A Fisherman’s Paradise

I was recently driving through Loma, MT on US Hwy 87. It’s a pretty small town with a restaurant and convenience store and now there are 2 cabins for overnight rental and 2 more are planned. I stopped and toured the cabins with the owner, who sounds like an avid fisherman. He said these cabins were built by a fisherman, for fishermen! No kidding! The duplex-style cabins have a laundry facility between them. In the laundry … Read more

Successful Fishing Derby in Fort Benton

The 2010 Spring Classic Fishing Derby was held May 21 – 23 in Fort Benton, Montana. The derby was a fund raiser for Fort Benton’s rural fire department. To begin with, records were set just with registration. A total of 116 people registered for the weekend derby. Everyone received a fishing pole, 12 mountain bikes were given to kids and many other great prizes were awarded throughout the event. Now, let’s talk fish!   The … Read more

Driving With Dixie – Final Day

Hi everyone. We made it! We have completed the Montana Dinosaur Trail! It was great. A quick glance back at our trip – two grandmas (young grandmas!) and three grandsons, one van and a lot of miles. We traveled from southeast Montana to northeast Montana, then followed US Hwy 2 from Glasgow, almost to the junction of US Hwy 2 and US Hwy 89. We worked our way south along the Rocky Mountain Front, then … Read more

Driving With Dixie – Day Three

From Fort Peck to Malta is a drive of only 1 1/2 hours. At the Great Plains Dinosaur Musem in Malta, Brentton and Jake thought that the Leonardo replica was very authentic looking. THey have seen the actual fossil of Leo many times and were impressed with the way it was being painted. Ayden loved the dig pit and the gift shop. He actually compared it to Toys R Us! The new ocean display with … Read more

Day Two – Driving With Dixie

Hello, we are in Malta, MT now, 730 miles into our trip! We had a great day yesterday even though we were very frustrated with our technology stuff. We saw Makoshika Dinosaur Museum in Glendive. The boys liked the way the displays were set up. They are noticing that displays are made differently in different museums. Jake enjoyed the forest habitat and the t-rex fighting off the stegosaurus.     In Garfield County the stygie … Read more

Dino Road Trip – Driving With Dixie

A couple of gals (grandmas) from northeast Montana plan to treat their grandkids to a road trip to visit as many stops along Montana’s Dinosaur Trail as they can. They’ll be doing daily updates as they travel along the trail. We’ve dubbed their trip “Driving’ With Dixie” since Grandma Dixie was the lead organizer for this great road trip. Dixie, her sister and a several grandkids plan to start their trek in southeast Montana, Ekalaka … Read more

Touring the Buffalo Jump Near Ulm, MT

I recently helped show off one of our great visitor attractions to several international folks traveling through northcentral Montana. Our plans were to visit First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park about 15 minutes from Great Falls, MT near the small town of Ulm. When this tour was planned a month ago I wondered what kind of weather we would have. Springtime in Russell Country typically guarantees a variety of weather so I knew we might … Read more

Ride the Train – See the Bunny

The Train I’m talking about is the Charlie Russell Chew Choo and the bunny is, of course, the Easter Bunny! Since the bunny is pretty busy this time of year, the only day to ride the train and visit with the bunny is Saturday, April 11th. And, for this day only, the train is called the Easter Bunny Express. Photos with the Easter Bunny will be available. The details – train ride begins at noon … Read more

Fort Benton’s Charm Trail

I was definitely charmed! A couple of weeks ago I was in Fort Benton”, MT and had a fun time exploring their Charm Trail. It was developed to encourage visitors to the community to check out businesses all around town. The Charm Trail began mostly with businesses on Front Street which runs along the pedestrian friendly levee, and has expanded to cover the town. There are Charm Trail Maps listing the 66 participating businesses and … Read more