Woodblock Print Exhibit at Bair Museum

About one mile from the little town of Martinsdale is the prettiest ranch home setting. Years ago it was the home of Charles M. Bair and his family. After Charles’ passing, his daughters Alberta and Marguerite lived on the ranch. Neither of the daughters had children, and the home, surrounding buildings and property were left as a museum for the people of Montana. The 26 room home is certainly a treat to tour but the two-year old … Read more

Bair Museum near Martinsdale. Truly Amazing!

It didn’t start out to be a classic Central Montana road trip but it sure ended up that way! Two of us were on our way to a meeting in Red Lodge, MT and decided to take a route that we hadn’t done in awhile. About 25 miles east of Great Falls we turned south on to US Hwy 89 and started a stunningly beautiful drive on the Kings Hill Scenic Byway (more about the … Read more

Education and Fun at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

What a neat experience to see kids learning and having fun at the same time. I took my almost 5 year old granddaughter to First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm, MT. It’s just about 15 miles out of town, at most a 20 minute drive from my house. As you enter the lobby at First Peoples there is a seating area which was filled with a group of people hearing the story of … Read more

Conrad Museum Features Hutterite Display

Yesterday I was in Conrad, Montana and learned that the Pondera Historical Museum there had put together a new exhibit about Hutterites. Hutterite colonies are frequently seen as you are driving Montana’s roadways and when you see Hutterite people you recognize them by their dress. Women and girls wear ankle-length dresses with aprons and their hair is covered with a scarf. Their clothing is handmade at the colony. Men and boys wear black trousers (usually you’ll see black suspenders … Read more

A Tip of the Hat to Charlie Russell

In celebration of the National Day of the Cowboy, the Charles M. Russell Museum in Great Falls held an event last weekend called Saddles and Spurs. The museum complex covers one full city block in the northside residential area of Great Falls and includes the galleries, Charlie’s log studio (including tipi poles) and the house Charlie and Nancy lived in. A sculpture garden is dispersed throughout the east side of the complex. Even with all … Read more

Art Museum Celebrates Birthday

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls held a fun and unique celebration last Friday – a birthday party for Dr. Seuss! All ages were welcome. Upright rectangular boxes were covered with white paper, then characters from Dr. Seuss books were drawn on them (someone’s a good artist!). Kids of all ages could don an apron, grab some paint and start coloring the designs. At first when we arrived it was pretty quiet. … Read more

Fun Family Day

The C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls hosts an open house each November where kids and parents can enjoy making some fun seasonal decorations. It looked like Christmas this past Saturday and, at first glance, it looked like chaos! In the lower level of the museum, long banquet-style tables were covered with paper and a huge variety of pinecones, paper banners, sugar cookies to decorate, sequins, chocolate candy that would become decorated mini-mice – … Read more

Wintry Day – Time for Inside Touring

Lots of snow came falling on Central Montana today, actually some yesterday and last night too. I decided it was a good day for inside touring and Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art is on my route to and from the post office. Today there were lots of “young” artists in a class that looked like pre-school children. I’m not sure what they were working on but it was good to hear young voices in this art … Read more

Montana Museum of Railroad History

A recent visit to the Montana Museum of Railroad History in Great Falls filled me with a new appreciation for the significance of rail traffic to Central Montana. Over 125 years ago (October 15, 1887 to be specific) the track of the Manitoba Road reached Great Falls, Montana Territory. The entrepreneur responsible for laying the steel trail westward was James Hill who had made a fortune with several Minnesota ventures. Part of Hill’s plan was driven by a competetive … Read more

Diverse Exhibits at Chinook’s Wildlife Museum

Chinook’s Wildlife Museum is a dream come true for many…a long dream. Plans began almost 20 years ago and fundraising started then too. It was a big dream for a small town. The building housing the Wildlife Museum is a former movie theater. And yes, I spent many a Saturday afternoon going to the movies there! It became home to a video rental business after the theater closed. Then, the Wildlife Museum organizers gave it new life as … Read more