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The First Friday Artwalk in Great Falls is spread throughout the downtown area and also to the Four West Art League on 16th Street and 2nd Avenue North. The artwalk happens the first Friday evening of each month. Four West Art League is housed on the fourth floor of what used to be the area’s hospital. Individual rooms have become artists’ studios and showrooms. Hallways are decorated leading visitors from one room to the next. … Read more

A Fish Is Caught

We had seen several drift boats with fishermen moving downstream on the Missouri River near Cascade, MT the other day. Most boats had a guide rowing and two people fishing. But, no fish were seen! Our weather had finally turned pleasant for fishing (my opinion) with no rain, lots of water and some bright sunshine. I had heard that the Missouri was fishing good and that other rivers in the state weren’t producing. I stood … Read more

A Good-Sized Walleye

We’ve had so much rain and high water so fishing hasn’t been at it’s best. But, this walleye could be out there waiting for you! The walleye tournament at Fresno Reservoir west of Havre has already been held. The next tournament on the schedule is June 11-12 at Tiber (Lake Elwell) close to Chester and Shelby. I’m hoping for good weather so I can get there and shoot some photos. On May 22nd one angler from Great Falls … Read more

Cruisin’ The Drag Car Show

The second Sunday in May is always Cruisin’ The Drag, a car show in downtown Great Falls, MT. The city closes off Central Avenue from 9th Street down to the Civic Center (9 blocks) and cars and motorcycles line both sides of the streets. People wander down the middle of the street and from side to side checking out these beautiful cars. I can only imagine the amount of money invested in restoring, painting and jazzing … Read more

Great Falls’ Festival of the Book

Wow, day one of Great Falls’ Festival of the Book and I was hooked! The event is sponsored by the Great Falls Public Library and is held there too. Last night featured two wordsmiths (one was also a talented musician). Paul Zarzyski, cowboy poet extraordinaire, opened the show. Listening to him recite poetry is fun, watching him recite poetry is more fun! And, when you listen to the poems you are transported to the life … Read more

More Quilt Shops

I’ve been out and about visiting a few of the quilt shops on Russell Country’s quilting trail, camera in tow! What a day-brightener to stop in and visit these beautifully decorated shops. The Quilt-Away, located in Great Falls, was recently selected by Better Homes & Gardens as one of the top 10 quilt shops in the United States. That’s pretty impressive! I visited with Toni when I was there and also bought a copy of the magazine featuring their … Read more

Visit to The Quilting Hen

For those who don’t know, The Quilting Hen is an incredibly unique quilt shop located one mile north of Carter, MT. The location is…well…in the middle of a grain farm, and very easy to find. When I stopped in the other day there were several customers and the staff was scurrying. Once they took care of business we sat and talked about what makes this quilting shop unique. Certainly, the location, a mile off the highway. … Read more

One Heck of a Quilt Party

Today I pointed my wheels north on I-15 out of Great Falls and drove about 85 miles to Valier. Valier sits about 14 miles west of the interstate amid some amazing cropland. My reason for going was the Triangle Squares Quilt Guild party for quilters from many miles away. The Quilt Party was at the Valier High School and when I turned toward the school I knew right away that it was a huge turnout. Cars lined … Read more

Fiddlin’ Around

Not only could Jayce pack a mule, we found out that he played the fiddle. I’m sure he was pretty tired after packing gear but he agreed to play a few songs for us when we pointed out that we would not hear his music around the campfire when the other guests would. Yup, a little guilt trip there! We gathered at the main lodge at 7 Lazy P’s upper ranch. Jayce finished his packing … Read more