Still Underground in Havre

Our tour of Havre’s underground, named Havre Beneath the Streets, was a whirlwind due to some scheduling challenges. But, we all came away with some fun photos. This picture shows just how photo-happy we were! Everyone was snapping photos in the Sporting Eagle Saloon. The saloon is fairly large for a business underground. Havre Beneath the Streets organizers found several items when doing restoration work on the underground. One was a mirror, now hanging behind the bar. … Read more

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center Visit

The journalist from the United Kingdom I recently hosted was eager to visit Great Falls’ Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. I wondered if he was familiar with US history or just wanted to learn about the area. It didn’t take long to answer my question when we got inside the Lewis & Clark center. Jeff LaRock from the center’s management team met us at the Compass Rose area in the lobby for an overview of the expedition. The beautifully … Read more

Exploring Circle Bar Guest Ranch

It seems like most of my travels involve food and my recent visit to the Circle Bar Guest Ranch near Utica was no different. Debi turned out a fine meal topped off with blueberry cobbler. If I had known the cobbler was coming I may have gone a little easier on the entree! Oh dear, I should have scheduled a hike, or a work-out! The ranch is in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains … Read more

Charlie Russell History

Russell Country, named after western artist Charlie Russell, has an amazing way to discover the landscapes that captivated Charlie. The Russell Auto Tour booklet uses reproductions of Russell paintings to show landscapes that you can still see today. The route is primarily from Great Falls to Lewistown on US Hwy 87 and the state legislature has dubbed this the Charlie Russell Memorial Trail. There is also another part of the route called Memorial Loop through Utica and beyond. … Read more

Chautauqua at the Russell Museum

A week ago I attended an outdoor chautauqua at the C. M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT. The event followed the model of the original Chautauqua movement founded in Chautauqua, NY in 1874. Characters invited to the chautauqua were relative to the time period that western artist Charlie Russell and his wife Nancy lived in Great Falls, MT between the late 1800s and 1926. The first session was titled Two Gals Gossiping About Early Montana. … Read more

Lewistown’s Historic Calvert Hotel

I recently toured The Historic Calvert Hotel in Lewistown, Montana. Rooms in this former school dormitory have recently been remodeled and when I was there the owner was laying tile (beautiful tile I might add) in the lower level that will become a restaurant and lounge. In fact, the tile work in the restrooms in the lower lever was so stunning I took photos of that too! The hotel entrance was inviting with hanging flowers … Read more

Montana’s Missouri River Breaks

After leaving Winifred, MT this morning our group drove about 15 miles north into the Missouri River Breaks. Locally, you’ll hear this area referred to as “The Breaks”. From Fort Benton to 149 miles downstream, the Mighty Mo has a Wild & Scenic designation. This river area and part of the land surrounding the Wild & Scenic Missouri are also in the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, a designation made by former US President Bill Clinton before he left office. That’s a lot … Read more

Mullan Road Conference in Fort Benton Was A Huge Success

May 20-22, 2010 the 150th Anniversary Mullan Road Conference was held in Fort Benton, Montana. The conference celebrated completion of the Mullan Military Wagon Road in 1860, the first wagon road from Fort Benton to cross the Rocky Mountains to Fort Walla Walla, WA. The 624 mile long Mullan Road joined the Missouri River with the Columbia River. Parts of the Mullan Road can be traveled today and last weekend’s conference featured a field trip from … Read more

Lewis & Clark Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, May 2nd is the 12th anniversary of the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls. Located along the Missouri River overlooking Black Eagle falls, the Center is a great place for families and history seekers. Theme for this year’s anniversary celebration is the grizzly bear. Bear stories will be told in the Lewis & Clark Honor Guard encampment, children can make a bear mask, presentations in the theater include bear research and management, … Read more

Lewis & Clark Continuing Education in Great Falls

The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center’s annual Continuing Education Series gets underway today. Held at the Interpretive Center at 4201 Giant Springs Road (on the east edge of Great Falls), the first program is Wildlife Discoveries of Lewis & Clark by Choteau-based naturalist David Shea. The Lewis & Clark expedition encountered hundreds of animals, nearly 150 that were new to science. Two additional offerings in the series are Adventures in Uruguay by Art Sedlack April … Read more