Tracy’s Restaurant and Jukeboxes

The other night I took my two granddaughters out to dinner and I thought they might enjoy going to Tracy’s Restaurant in downtown Great Falls and playing the jukeboxes in the booths. I eagerly told them where we were going to go for burgers and fries and said we could play the jukebox. Jukebox? They looked at me and said “what’s a jukebox?”. So much for my big surprise – they didn’t even know what it … Read more

Buffalo Joe’s and the Buffalo Wallow Lodging

When I first heard about a new saloon, a restaurant and a small motel being built in the little community of Dupuyer, Montana I had my doubts. I wondered if it would really happen and if so, how would it turn out. A few weeks ago I was able to see the finished products of this huge investment in Dupuyer. In fact, I had lunch at the restaurant and thoroughtly enjoyed it. US Highway 89 … Read more

Tall Boys Tavern – fancy BUT NOT FANCY

I stopped at Tall Boys Tavern in Hobson last week to check out this new business. It is more than a tavern, much more, because they are also serving lunches and dinners daily. The name is unique and it comes from the owners’ sons being, well, tall boys! The next thing I found that was unique was their slogan – fancy BUT NOT FANCY. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant but I figured it … Read more

Dinner With Wine Pairings at Elmo’s Highwood Bar

When you mention the town of Highwood not everyone knows the location. They may have heard of the nearby Highwood Mountains which are easily viewed from the town or, some folks may have heard of their high school football team. Well, Highwood is about 32 paved miles east of Great Falls. There is a little creek that runs through the community (Highwood Creek) and the highway pretty much cuts through the middle of town. The … Read more

Supper on the Slopes at Teton Pass

Last Friday I pointed my wheels toward Choteau, Montana. I love to attend some of Central Montana’s unique events and this one sounded amazing. Supper on the Slopes was calling my name! Teton Pass Ski Resort is located about 25 miles west of Choteau. My friend and I drove to Choteau, parked my car in the parking lot behind Main Street Express and took the free shuttle to Teton Pass. There were eight of us … Read more

Pie a la Road Is Born

Last April several of us came up with the idea of doing a pie trail in Central Montana. We put the word out to search for restaurants and cafes that served homemade pie. Ideas soon started arriving in my email and I was eager to begin. At first, I thought I couldn’t cover that many miles unless I grouped them together. Then, the first time I stopped at two cafes in one day (and consumed … Read more

Lunch at the Lazy B in Augusta

Today I drove to Augusta, a mere 60 miles from Great Falls, and it is usually a beautiful drive. And, a beautiful drive it was today if you don’t mind a little rain. My goal was simple – to have a piece of pie at the Lazy B Bar and Cafe in Augusta. Some friends had mentioned that the Lazy B had wonderful pie and I decided to check it out and include it on Central Montana’s … Read more

Breakfast at the Graves Hotel in Harlowton

Another road trip popped up on my schedule and this one would take me to eastern Montana. I had a couple of options for highway routes when I left Great Falls and I chose to go through Harlowton. Harlowton and its neighbor community of Judith Gap are best known these days for the large wind farm between the two towns. I love driving through that area although it’s easy to be distracted by wind towers with … Read more

Ever Tasted Frybread?

When I was in Chester, Montana (on US Hwy 2) the other day I was looking for a mid-afternoon sweet snack. Spud’s Cafe was the recommendation I was given so I off I went in search of a goodie. After looking at an extensive menu I decided on frybread. Frybread is, well, fried bread dough! Sometimes people eat it with honey, sometimes with cinnamon and sugar. The waitress took my order and, in no time … Read more

New Coffee Shop In Conrad

I happened to be in Conrad, MT last Saturday and found out the day before that a new coffee shop had opened on Main Street. Plans began formulating in my mind about how I should time my visit. Did I want to get my first cup o’ joe there or an early afternoon cup of tea? A homemade pastry for breakfast or a yummy brownie for an afternoon treat? Decisions! Decisions! Since I had another commitment … Read more