Great Falls’ Tenth Street Bridge

What once was a Great Falls, MT bridge that was taken for granted has now become a sight to behold! During this past holiday season it seemed like I was out more after dark, yes, doing shopping, and I had a chance to see these blue lights several times. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take this photo. I have tried to shoot photos of the bridge when the blue lights are on and they turn … Read more

Lewistown’s Amazing Architecture

I was in Lewistown this past week (twice) and was absolutely captivated by the architecture there. I found out that the town was originally settled by Croation stone masons and you can definitely see the results of their work still standing. As I drove down Boulevard Street (it has a boulevard in the middle of it) I happened to notice a church on one of the side streets. It was built of stone and several … Read more

Exploring Winifred and Hilger

When I was in Winifred for a meeting recently we took some time to walk around the town. The Winifred Cafe always seems busy, plus there are two taverns, then there is the Winifred Grocery. The grocery building has a super-tall tin ceiling and neat old architecture, besides groceries and tourist information. And it was busy with harvesters, locals buying groceries, river floaters stocking up on supplies, and us. It also happened to be a … Read more

Eureka! What A Sunset

Driving back to Choteau from Pine Butte Guest Ranch the other evening we saw lots of deer, oh yes, and also an elk herd dining in someone’s hayfield. An impressive sunset was also tempting our cameras as we approached Eureka Reservoir, not too far from the junction of the Teton Road and US Hwy 89. We decided we needed to stop and capture this image. I typically say that sunsets need to be seen and enjoyed in person but … Read more

Back At The Corrals

As we rode down our last mountainside for today’s trail ride at 7 Lazy P ranch we came through a gate with a little Montana humor posted nearby. In case you can’t read the writing on this pretend tombstone it says “Here Lies the Last Hombre Who Didn’t Close The Gate”. Enough said – we closed the gate! We had a great ride today and we were all thankful for a rain-free day. Even though we rode … Read more

My Horse is Named Black Hawk

Our group wandered over to the corral and our horses were saddled and ready to ride. Laura, our wrangler, and owner Chuck Blixrud, have chosen our horses and mine is named Black Hawk. I look him over and instantly like him although he is tall, very tall. We are dressed warm today but there is no rain and when the sun comes out we feel nice and warm. Just in case, we pack rain gear. Today we … Read more

A Real Horse Drive

You always hear about cattle drives but we watched a real horse drive at Triple J Wilderness Ranch near Augusta. The horses were moving from the upper corrals to a lower meadow. We positioned ourselves out of the way in case they got to running too fast. The horses must have known there was some tasty grazing waiting because they really took off running. This photo was taken after the horses passed by me and the wranglers were … Read more

Day Four – Driving With Dixie

Anolther lovely day on the Montana Dinosaur Trail with my sister and the three handsome grandsons! We left Shelby this morning and made it all the way to Bozeman with several adventures and awesome decisions to make in all the gift shops…what choices! The drive to Bynum started with not one cloud in the sky and the spectacular Bob Marshall Wilderness across our windshield. There were green fields and oil wells alongside cattle and horses and once in … Read more

Driving With Dixie – Candid Comments

We’ve been posting most of Dixie’s comments but every now and then one doesn’t make it. Her last email had some light hearted humor, just enough to let us know that things really are going well on this multi-generational vacation that has a lot of windshield time. Here’s Dixie’s closing thoughts at the end of yesterday’s email sent from Shelby, MT. Here are some photos. We are TIRED, happy, clean and shiny. And, ready for … Read more