A Tour of 7 Lazy P’s Upper Ranch

Our group is staying at 7 Lazy P’s guest ranch, or the lower ranch. Just a few miles up the road is another ranch where their pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex begin. We are very near the Bob Marshall (locals refer to it as The Bob) and adjoining it on the north is the Great Bear Wilderness and to the south is the Scapegoat Wilderness. All told, this combined wilderness area is one of the most intact mountainous ecosystems in the lower 48 states.

We get a tour of the tack room where all the pack trip gear is stored and also everything you would need to put on a horse or mule to make the trek in to the wilderness. It’s hard to believe that everything necessary to set up camp has to be packed and carried in.

After looking at the neatly labeled gear (the animal’s name is written on the post where his gear is) I make a mental note to schedule time to reorganize my closets at home.

As we head towards the main lodge we enter the Bake Room, truly a chef’s delight. All of the baking is done here for guest ranch and pack trip meals. If you ever wanted extra counter space, a well laid-out kitchen and plenty of natural light, this is the spot.

Use of the main lodge at the upper ranch has been donated for a community fundraiser taking place the next evening and it looks great. We are in awe at the amount of space between 7 Lazy P’s two ranches.

It’s been another long and interesting day and we are ready to head to our cabins.

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