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Archive | August, 2014


Ever Tasted Frybread?

When I was in Chester, Montana (on US Hwy 2) the other day I was looking for a mid-afternoon sweet snack. Spud’s Cafe was the recommendation I was given so I off I went in search of a goodie. After looking at an extensive menu I decided on frybread. Frybread is, well, fried bread dough! […]

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Conversation With A Train Robber

As I roam around Central Montana I meet a lot of folks in many different occupations. I can now add Train Robber to the list! Following is a snippet of the conversation I recently had with a fellow who has robbed trains routinely for quite a few years. Me: so, Bud (full name withheld to protect […]

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New Coffee Shop In Conrad

I happened to be in Conrad, MT last Saturday and found out the day before that a new coffee shop had opened on Main Street. Plans began formulating in my mind about how I should time my visit. Did I want to get my first cup o’ joe there or an early afternoon cup of tea? […]

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