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Archive | May, 2013


Old Fort Benton Opens With a Bang

Actually, the Old Fort at Fort Benton opened with a “boom”! The firing of the cannon has become a ritual for celebrations at the restored Old Fort Benton in this small historic town. Dubbed the “Birthplace of Montana”, Fort Benton was the site of many steamboats who came up the Missouri River in the 1800s. This […]

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Montana Fishing Season Opens

The third Saturday in May is when Montana’s general fishing season opens. This year that was May 18. The general season closes November 30. Not to make things confusing, but, Montana’s lakes and reservoirs are generally open year round. I was driving on I-15 this weekend and lamented the heavy cloud cover. Clouds bring rain though and they […]

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Fun Antique Show in Collins, MT

Last weekend I wanted to go to an antique sale organized by the Virgelle Mercantile in Collins, Montana. I called a friend and her response was, “sure, where is Collins”? That’s a typical response when people hear the name of the town. It really isn’t a town any more. There is a sign for the Collins […]

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Bike Race to Eden

The Great Falls Bike Club sponsored a road race yesterday from Broadwater Bay in the center of Great Falls to the turn for the community of Eden south of Great Falls. The bike racers would ride approximately 26 miles. The super serious bike racers would do that twice because, well, they can. And they love to ride! […]

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Traveling to Turner

Mention the town of Turner, Montana and some life-long Montana residents get a puzzled look on their face. The town’s location is about 35 miles north of Harlem (US Hwy 2) and 12 miles south of the US/Canada border. The border crossing, named after the Saskatchewan town of Climax, helps bring Canadian travelers to the community and also makes […]

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