Central Montana Road Trip

I was lucky to be out and about in Central Montana a few weeks ago. We were traveling in the Get Lost vehicle – definitely not incognito! Our goal was to explore some new areas on our Montana road trip and we had a great time. One downside, several of us kept wanting to stop and take photos of our great scenery so it seemed like we were always running a bit behind schedule. Montana … Read more

Relaxing Morning at the Rising Trout Cafe

When I was in Lewistown, Montana a couple of weeks ago I wandered up Main Street and found another great coffee shop to add to my list of favorites. As you enter The Rising Trout Cafe you experience a colorful atmosphere – deep red colored walls, paintings and beautiful photographs decorate the cafe and bookshelves offer some good reading while you sip your java. To top it off, a comfy leather couch and chair are waiting for anyone who wants to … Read more