Fun Time at the Utica Day Fair

I’m not sure how many people live in the small town of Utica, MT but it isn’t many. I’d guess about 40 or 50. Utica is about half way between Hobson and Windham and it becomes a key location during the Montana Bale Trail: What The Hay event the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. A huge craft fair with many food vendors happens in Utica during the event and there¬†was also some good … Read more

Traveling the Montana Bale Trail

It’s hard to believe that the Montana Bale Trail – What The Hay event has been successfully entertaining visitors to the Judith Basin area for 23 years. That’s a lot of haybale decorating! The Montana Bale Trail is the route between Hobson, Utica and Windham. It’s about 21 miles long, all paved, and it bypasses some idyllic looking farms and ranches. It is held the Sunday after Labor Day each year. The event began as … Read more

Bear Paw Coffee Shop & Deli

I was up early this morning and heading north/northeast on US Hwy 87 towards Chinook. As I drove through Big Sandy I debated about stopping, then changed my mind because I didn’t have a lot of spare time. On the way back to Great Falls I made sure I had time to check out this cute coffee shop and deli. It was almost closing time when I arrived at Bear Paw Coffee Shop¬†& Deli. I … Read more