Documentary Being Filmed in Great Falls

For the last few days a small film crew has been capturing footage either on the Missouri River or on the banks of the river near Great Falls. A documentary is being made that focuses on medicines used during the epic Lewis & Clark journey. When you consider their expedition, the length of time they were gone and the distances they traveled, it is amazing that only one member perished. And, that was from appendicitis! … Read more

Let’s Talk Food – Reuben Sandwich

I was at the Corner Stone Deli in White Sulphur Springs last weekend. And yes, it’s on the corner of Main in a stone building – pretty easy to find. Their “signature” sandwich has to be the Reuben. They actually make their own corned beef, then add swiss cheese, sauerkraut (if they want to make that too I’ll pass along my Mom’s recipe), add some Thousand Island dressing and grill the whole thing. Oh yum, … Read more