Russell Museum Dedicates Sculpture Garden

I’ve always wanted to see a sculpture garden and a sculpture event in Great Falls. Today a sculpture garden was dedicated at the C. M. Russell Museum. There is a group of Russell Museum supporters dubbed the Charlie Russell Riders and they were the main force behind development of the sculpture garden. I’ve connected with them before when they did a trail ride in the Utica area. Their goal in starting a sculpture garden was to create … Read more

Wahkpa Chu’gn Buffalo Jump

I’ve learned how to say it and I’ve learned how to spell it! No small feat. Basically, this wonderful visitor attraction in Havre, Montana is a glimpse into history that’s buried under the soil. You can call it Wahkpa Chu’gn or simply the buffalo jump. It’s where native peoples many years ago harvested and processed their meat before the use of firearms and horses. Archaeologists have sliced into the ground to show the layers of bones, … Read more

Fort Assinniboine Is Our Next Stop

We’ve been working our way towards Havre and our next stop on US Hwy 87 is at Fort Assinniboine. The Fort is about two or three miles before you get to the junction of Hwys 87 and 2. Ironically, many people drive right by this large collection of buildings and don’t even realize what it is. There is a brown wooden historical sign on the highway telling about Fort Assinniboine but the most prominent sign tells you … Read more