More Golf in Great Falls

We’re back in Great Falls and we decided to play the two municipal courses again – Anaconda Hills Golf Course and Eagle Falls Golf Course. Connie Caouette, golf pro at the two courses, played with us this time. This is a great photo of her teeing off on the back nine at Anaconda Hills. When she hit that ball it really flew! Many years ago Anaconda Hills Golf Course was privately owned by the Anaconda … Read more

Second 9 Holes at Judith Shadows

It’s time for round two at Judith Shadows Golf Course in Lewistown. This time we played the back 9 holes, the day before we played the front 9. Oh, wait a minute. It appears we are playing OFF the golf course! We really learned the “OB” term during this 9 holes. Our morning round of golf at Judith Shadows started out chilly with typical September morning temps. We didn’t take many warm-up swings so that could be … Read more

Lewistown Has Two Golf Courses

We are at our third golf course of the day – Judith Shadows Golf Course near Lewistown. When I started planning this extensive golf tour of north central Montana I had a perfect plan to golf 27 holes a day – one 9 hole course and one 18 hole course. Well, by time you work around a few golf tournaments, a few cross country meets held at the courses and shorter fall daylight hours, things change … Read more

Two More Photos of Pine Meadows

The problem with shooting so many photos is that I want to share them! This photo taken on Pine Meadows Golf Course in Lewistown is a nod to major league pitcher Jim Perry and the celebrity charity golf tournament held annually at Pine Meadows. The sign on the bridge says “Jim Perry Crossing”. It’s a pretty setting with all the trees in the background. The next photo shows some of the terrain and part of a … Read more

Great Golf at Pine Meadows

Pine Meadows Golf Course in Lewistown has some interesting challenges. First of all, there are pine trees, plenty of them, and I know the sound a golf ball makes when it hits one! I liked the surrounding geographic features you could see from the course though. I kept asking our local golfer Scott Irvin which mountain range we were looking at and I know he told me the name of the backbround in this photo. I think these are one of … Read more

Lewistown’s Pine Meadows Golf Course

It’s a pretty drive just getting to Pine Meadows Golf Course near Lewistown and the course was a treat for the eyes too. This area of central Montana was almost overwhelmed by moisture this spring. As a result, even in September things were still looking lush and green. Pine Meadows, formerly the Elks Club Golf course, sits up on a hillside. To get to the course you drive along the area known as Brewery Flats, and Big Spring Creek meanders through that. There are … Read more

Food Worth Going To Jail For

That’s what the sign in front of Jail house Pizza says – Food Worth Going To Jail For! With a marquee like that we decided it was worth a stop. This little restaurant in Harlowton, MT is called Jailhouse Pizza but the menu offers much more than pizza. The business opened the end of December 2010 so they have been tempting tastebuds for almost one year. And yes, this was a former jail. The bars are still on the windows! The … Read more

Are We Bird Hunting Or Golfing?

One thing that has amazed me on our golf journey through north central Montana is how much time people spend searching for their golf ball. One of the guys hit a ball OB (out of bounds…yes, I’ve learned the lingo!) and we all went looking for it. In what looked like an empty field next to the Jawbone Creek Golf Course in Harlowton we had a great surprise – we flushed a small covey of Hungarian Partridges (Huns). When … Read more

I’ll Explain The Jawbone Name

Our next stop on our golf journey is the Jawbone Creek Golf Course in Harlowton, MT. That’s a unique name for the course. The story I heard was that the developer of the short-lived Jawbone Railroad was good at flapping his jaws but not that great on paying his bills. He may not have left a great legacy but he sure left an interesting story! The Jawbone Creek Golf Course is 9 holes. We were the … Read more

A Perfect Putt and a Soothing Soak

At Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course in White Sulphur Springs we had to absorb some pretty strong and chilly wind. I was bundled for the weather and I wondered how it would affect my putting. Well, based on some of my putts it wouldn’t make much difference but I do want to hit the ball in to the cup with one swing every now and then. I listened carefully to advice from three putting coaches but … Read more