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Archive | September, 2011


A Ranch With Many Activities

It’s difficult to highlight what to do at Heaven On Earth Ranch. There are so many varied activities and all would have been fun if we would have allowed more time. We spent our time here golfing (OK, we did a fair amount of eating too) but other guests were there for fly fishing and archery hunting. […]

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Golfing At Heaven On Earth

Heaven on Earth Ranch on the Smith River has a 9 hole golf course with some challenging holes. Sometimes, part of the challenge is keeping your mind on golfing and not gawking at the jaw-dropping scenery or spending tee time taking photos of that scenery! Ranch owner Gary Anderson drove a cart for us – […]

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Dinner at Heaven On Earth Ranch

Wonderful dinner aromas were wafting through the lodge at Heaven on Earth and I was getting hungry. In addition to our group of golfers there were five fishermen and one archery hunter and we were waiting for them to get back from their activities. I must admit, the Smith River would look mighty tempting if […]

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It’s Called Heaven On Earth

Yes, it’s called Heaven on Earth for a reason and it is an appropriate name for our next golf location. We drove about 55 miles south of Great Falls, first to the little town of Ulm, then south on mostly gravel roads (Upper Millegan Road). The road is in need of a good blading but we […]

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Conrad’s Nine Hole Golf Course

We drove I-15 south from Shelby to Conrad (25 miles) for an early morning 9 holes of golf at the Pondera Golf Club. When you are in the middle of Conrad (at the one and only stop light) you will see the brown golf directional sign. You turn north and go about 2 miles and […]

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Golfers Gotta Eat

The day was long – 27 holes of golf total (that would be 2 putts for me since we did 2 courses). We only covered about 60 miles between courses but I was dragging. We decided to eat dinner early, then head back to the motel and get some much needed rest. When I suggested to my golf […]

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Awesome Golfing at Marias Valley

Let’s set the stage here – we’ve already golfed 9 holes today in Choteau. Then we headed northeast, had lunch in Conrad at the Home Cafe and our next stop was the Marias Valley Golf Course about 5 miles south of Shelby. We took the well-marked exit for the golf course off I-15 and drove […]

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A Quick 9-Holes at Choteau

We are off and running this morning. We had dinner at the Elk Country Grill and spent the night in the charming community of Choteau at the Stage Stop Inn. Choteau is located right on US Hwy 89. The highway goes through town and splits at one point to go around the Teton County courthouse. Choteau […]

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