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Archive | August, 2011


Poetry Cowboy Style in Lewistown

It was the 26th annual Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Western Music Rendezvous this weekend in Lewistown, Montana and I was lucky to be there. Most of the hourly poetry and music sessions were held downtown at the Yogo Inn. The art and gear show surrounded the pool at the Yogo and I couldn’t resist wandering through it. […]

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Lewistown Gearing Up For Cowboy Poetry

I was in Lewistown, MT last week and stopped to see what was happening at the Yogo Inn. I had seen a banner sign as I drove by, held by two bear statues, and it was promoting the Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering. The 26th annual gathering I might add! The Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering starts today and […]

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Couple More Grizzly Day Photos

Obviously, Dupuyer’s Grizzly Day captivated me…and my camera! They say everyone loves a parade and Saturday’s in Dupuyer was no exception. Somehow, I think the people in the parade had as much (or more) fun than the people watching! One of the Shriner’s wives said “Oh, we always bring the little cars over to Dupuyer from Shelby […]

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Time to Talk Food

We were in Dupuyer, MT for the community’s annual Grizzly Day and you probably can guess that there was yummy food available. It was a difficult debate for me – Indian tacos out of Wanda’s Food Bus (yes, it looks just like a school bus), or, tacos in a bag from one of the community organizations. […]

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More Dupuyer Parade Photos

I really did take a lot of photos during the Dupuyer Grizzly Day parade. This young gal looked so happy. Her horse looked very shaggy, it was probably the type of horse and I don’t know what that would be! Anyway, her happiness was evident. The parade route on US Hwy 89 in Dupuyer was probably […]

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Fun Time at Dupuyer’s Grizzly Day

Today I drove to Dupuyer (Doo Poo Yer) on US Hwy 89 north of Choteau. It’s about 85 miles northwest of Great Falls and it is a stunning drive. I saw lots of motorcycles on this highway – think lots of curves, rolling foothills and the spectacular Rocky Mountain front to the west. It’s hard […]

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Boy Scouts Donate Bateau

Boy Scout troop 466 from the San Francisco bay area donated a bateau (boat) to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center this afternoon. It was an impressive ceremony overlooking the Missouri River, and the weather was great. This boat is a 2/3 size replica of the bateau or pirogue used on the Lewis & Clark expedition. To […]

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Havre’s Farmers Market

If you are traveling to or through Havre on a Saturday in the summer, be sure to time your trip around their weekly SATURDAY market. US Hwy 2 goes right through Havre and I’m usually driving it on the way to visit my Mom in Chinook. When you get to downtown Havre you can’t miss […]

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Military History at Fort Assinniboine

I was traveling along US Hwy 87 between Havre and Box Elder the other evening and stopped to get some photos of Fort Assinniboine. The skies were ominous with a thunderstorm approaching but that contributed to some unique background. This photo shows the view towards the brick fort buildings with the Bear Paw Mountains in the background. […]

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Montana State Fair in Great Falls

Sunday was hot, it seemed like 100 degrees but it was only 97. I had planned a trip to the Montana State Fair in Great Falls. The fair runs for 9 days but I may not get another chance to attend so, hot or not, Sunday was the day. As we entered the fairgrounds, located […]

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