Launching at Coal Banks Landing

Yes, launching, not lunching, at Coal Banks. My belly is still full from breakfast at the Virgelle Merc. The first thing I notice when I drive one mile from the Merc to the landing is the new BLM building. There are campground hosts here and in years past they have hung out in or near their camp trailer. Now, they have an actual building, small and spartan, but it looks to be just what they can use … Read more

A Room With A View

When I went to bed in my cozy homestead cabin in Virgelle, I set the alarm clock for what I figured was sunrise time. Gosh, I’m trying to capture photos of sunrise and sunset on the longest daylight days of the year! I wouldn’t have had to set an alarm though – the brightness of daybreak also woke me up. I’m pleased to say that I got a sunrise photo taken right from my homestead … Read more

Unique Sleeps In Virgelle, MT

As we turn off US Hwy 87 towards Virgelle, I’m playing the ultimate tour guide. I tell my travel buddies that we will drive eight miles on gravel (it’s a good road) to get to the tiny spot in Montana known as Virgelle. Virgelle was named for Virgil and Ella Blankenbaker who owned the place when it was originally developed as a stop for travelers. It is still a stop for travelers and remnants the … Read more

Lewis & Clark Statue in Fort Benton

I have one more Fort Benton photo to share. This statue is positioned on the historic river levee looking upstream (appropriate in my opinion since that’s the direction the expedition traveled). Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, Sacajawea and her baby Pomp (Jean Baptiste) are portrayed in the statue. The other end of the levee is anchored by a statue of Fort Benton’s well-loved dog who was named Shep. I’ll let you scope that out – I have taken many photos … Read more

One Fine History Town

The community of Fort Benton is surrounded by grain farms and grasslands. It’s an easy drive from Great Falls, just about 35 minutes up US Hwy 87. What’s there to do in this small town? First of all, park your car. Talk a walk on Fort Benton’s historic river levee. Statues, interpretive panels, the Keelboat Mandan and historic well-preserved homes and buildings across the street combine to make this one fine walk. You can also … Read more

Carter Ferry – No Ride Today

We had hoped to ride the Carter Ferry the other day, one of three free river ferries on the Upper Missouri River in north central Montana. In all honesty, we weren’t going to the other side of the river for a reason – we just wanted to ride the ferry across, then back! Yes, I’ve had some funny looks from the guy who operates the ferry but I think our old-time river ferries are fun … Read more

Scenic Overlook at Fort Benton

I’m on the road a lot and I love it. There are a lot of scenic overlooks in our beautiful state because, well, we have a lot of scenic beauty. The overlook at Fort Benton is one where I almost always see a car parked with someone taking in the spectacular views of the Missouri River bottom and the bluffs that hug the community of Fort Benton. The interpretive panels at the Fort Benton overlook detail several … Read more