Black Eagle Falls at Sunset

After a wonderful dinner the other night at The Cattlemen’s Cut Supper Club between Great Falls and Vaughn, we drove back to Great Falls and decided a walk along the River’s Edge Trail was in order. Lucky for me, my camera was in the car so I grabbed it before we started our walk. Since we’ve had so much rain and also moisture from snowmelt this early-summer, the water going over all of the hydro-electric power … Read more

Stanford Displays History

I was on the highway from Lewistown to Great Falls and decided to make a quick (I thought) stop mid way in Stanford. Stanford is a town of about 400 people and you need to turn off the highway to see the community. And, it’s well worth the stop! One of my reasons for stopping was to grab a good cup of coffee. I drove on Main Street to the Basin Trading Post, Stanford’s equivalent of … Read more

Dessert at the Onyx

We actually had dinner at the Onyx lounge and restaurant located in Lewistown’s Calvert Hotel…then dessert! After a very yummy dinner, which certainly documented that I’m a member of the clean plate club, we then ordered dessert. We all decided we wanted to sample a couple of the desserts on the menu and that “couple” turned in to three. Then, the owner came over and said they had a NEW dessert that wasn’t even on the … Read more

Historic Calvert Hotel in Lewistown

We’ve driven through quite an amazing rainstorm and finally got to Lewistown. Our one night in Lewistown will be spent at the Historic Calvert Hotel, just a couple blocks south of Main Street in a neighborhood near the beautiful Fergus County Courthouse. I stayed at the Calvert last October but we had already had a frost and the outside flowers didn’t look nearly as stunning as when we drove up this time. What a welcoming entrance! … Read more

We Visit Winifred’s Museum

My travel buddies had an idea of what we would see at Winifred’s museum. I had told them previously that the museum has what is thought to be the largest collection of Tonka trucks. Not only is that pretty cool, for a town of just a couple hundred people, it is downright amazing. We started out with a mellow drive from the Missouri River at Judith Landing to the town of Winifred. Then, I decided I had better … Read more

Judith Landing – End of Our River Trip

I knew we were getting close to the end of our day long motorized trip through the White Cliffs of the Missouri. Bill Marsik, owner of Missouri Breaks River Co., was keeping an eye on his watch and also on the sky. First of all, he knew we had a scheduled visit to the museum in Winifred after we got to Judith Landing. Secondly, the sky was starting to change. Those pretty white puffy clouds looked different, … Read more

Plein Air Art Class

Several Great Falls area artists gathered this past Saturday at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near the town of Ulm to capture images of this unique park. Organized by Studio 706 Art Guild, the workshop featured Diane Hausmann of Fairfield teaching oil painting. Participants painted using a method known as “plein air” – a French expression which means “open air”. When you think about it, this technique challenges artists to work quickly because light conditions are constantly … Read more

Rock Formations on the Upper Missouri

If you could only see how many photos I have of my recent trip on the Upper Missouri River through the White Cliffs, you would be impressed! Some are better than others but the landscape is so beautiful, most photos turn out that way too. This amazingly square-looking rock just seemed so imposing, yet it was set back from the water and seemed to just jut upwards from the ground. At first glance it looked like … Read more

White Cliffs of the Missouri

I have SO many photos that I took as our jet boat idled through the spectacular White Cliffs of the Missouri River. To begin with, the day seemed to be a perfect photo op with Montana’s well-known Big Sky and a a few white clouds for special effect. Charlie Russell would have loved this scene! When boat captain Bill Marsik of Missouri Breaks River Co. launched our trip this morning, one of my travel buddies asked about … Read more