Great Teepee Photo at First Peoples Buffalo Jump

When I was at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park near Ulm Saturday, it wasn’t the best time of day for photos but I still managed a couple of good shots. A dramatic Montana Big Sky and lots of green really form the perfect backdrop for the teepee. This teepee photo shows the buffalo jump in the background. The teepee, also spelled tipi, is one of two set up at the park. Obviously, they are … Read more

Sunny Day at First Peoples Buffalo Jump

Yesterday I was out at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park. It’s an easy drive from Great Falls, just about 15 minutes. To get there take I-15 South, travel about 11 miles, exit at Ulm, then drive 3.5 miles on a paved road. The sun was shining – yahoo! We’ve seen some cloudy days so my mood improved quickly that day when I saw the bright sun. You can tell from these photos that the weather … Read more

It’s Time For Farmers’ Markets

With all of the rain we’ve had I was pleased to see the sun shining and a huge amount of vendors at the Great Falls Farmers Market. And, a huge amount of people browsing and shopping. Bedding plants, herbs, vegetables (fresh asparagus is what I bought), baked goods, wood crafts, pottery, jewelry (my weakness) and my next weakness – all of the yummy and unique snack foods you find at the markets. I didn’t stop for … Read more

The Kings Arena Near Great Falls

We were looking for a different place to hold our monthly board meeting – something unique but also fairly central in the region. Someone suggested The Kings Arena which is one mile east of Great Falls. I’ve seen the sign many times as I’ve driven by, also the buildings but I’ve never stopped. Well, now I can say I have enjoyed the hospitality of The Kings Arena and I’ve learned a lot about this equine … Read more

Kids’ Fishing Day

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I was at Wadsworth Pond for Bighorn’s demo day and the weather was less than stellar. But, take a look at the very next day that was set aside for a Kids’ Fishing Day. Here we are at Wadsworth Pond again, just on the west edge of Great Falls. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks organized the event and it was free to kids. This youngster was trying very … Read more

Demo Day With Bighorn Wilderness

It’s no secret we’ve been having rain, and lots of it. It’s also pretty rare to ever hear a Montanan complain about moisture! Today was the day that locally owned Bighorn Wilderness was sponsoring an equipment demo day on Wadsworth Pond west of Great Falls. Well, it might have been a little bit blustery but Bighorn owner Chris Leatham had his usual smile and positive disposition. When I drove in to the Wadsworth Pond area it was … Read more

A Good-Sized Walleye

We’ve had so much rain and high water so fishing hasn’t been at it’s best. But, this walleye could be out there waiting for you! The walleye tournament at Fresno Reservoir west of Havre has already been held. The next tournament on the schedule is June 11-12 at Tiber (Lake Elwell) close to Chester and Shelby. I’m hoping for good weather so I can get there and shoot some photos. On May 22nd one angler from Great Falls … Read more

Waterfalls at Peak Flow

Today I stopped at the Black Eagle Falls overlook just off River Drive by Eagle Falls Golf Course in Great Falls. There were several other cars there too, all looking at the spectacular water show. I saw two other people with cameras, all capturing the amazing water. With recent rain (lots of rain) and mountain runoff, we are at peak capacity and some areas of the region are having flooding. The series of waterfalls near Great … Read more