Lewistown’s Amazing Architecture

I was in Lewistown this past week (twice) and was absolutely captivated by the architecture there. I found out that the town was originally settled by Croation stone masons and you can definitely see the results of their work still standing. As I drove down Boulevard Street (it has a boulevard in the middle of it) I happened to notice a church on one of the side streets. It was built of stone and several … Read more

More Quilting Thoughts

As I drove home from the quilting party in Valier I thought about how many of the communities in Russell Country have quilt shops. The size of the town doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference – quilters travel for miles, even to locations in the country – to purchase fabric and connect with other quilters. Quite a network! Nine quilt shops in the tourism region organized a Russell Country Quilting Trail last year. They include Creative Needle … Read more

Shelby Quilter Authors Book

Shelby, MT quilter Anne Wiens has accomplished what many people only dream about. She wrote and designed a book on quilting. Titled “The Thrifty Quilter” it shows how to make nearly free quilts from leftover fabric. As Anne said, if you quilt, you have scraps. Lots of scraps. This book tells how to organize them using three simple (yes, she did say simple) pieces. She shows how to make 80 different blocks in two sizes with six … Read more

One Heck of a Quilt Party

Today I pointed my wheels north on I-15 out of Great Falls and drove about 85 miles to Valier. Valier sits about 14 miles west of the interstate amid some amazing cropland. My reason for going was the Triangle Squares Quilt Guild party for quilters from many miles away. The Quilt Party was at the Valier High School and when I turned toward the school I knew right away that it was a huge turnout. Cars lined … Read more

First Friday Art Walk in Great Falls

The first Friday of every month features a free-to-the-public art walk in Great Falls. I’m not sure how many years it has been going on (I’m going to guess about 5) but I do remember the very first one. There had been quite a bit of promotion for it and then it snowed, and snowed, and snowed. My adult children and I decided to go to show support, not knowing what to expect. I think many people … Read more