Back At The Ranch

We were back at 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch west of Choteau recently to shoot some photos. Earlier this summer we were at the lower ranch, but this time we stayed at the upper ranch, a favorite of mine. I walked around the ranch and along the West Fork of the Teton. This photo is looking west into the Lewis & Clark National Forest and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, the area we would ride into the … Read more

Cave Mountain Campground

Another beautiful day along the Rocky Mountain Front found me at Cave Mountain campground in the Lewis & Clark National Forest. If you drive US Hwy 89 about 5 miles north of Choteau, then turn west onto the Teton Road and drive about 23 miles, you’ll reach the turn for Cave Mountain campground. About two-thirds of the Teton Road to Cave Mountain is paved, then it turns to gravel. The terrain seems fairly flat when you turn … Read more

Commonalities In Cultures

At the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT I had a chance to watch a Tibetan Buddhist monk present the technique of sand mandala construction. When I walked in, the room was so quiet. I realized that everyone was literally entranced watching the creation of the sand mandala. Some things I learned – the word mandala is Sanskrit meaning circle, polygon, community or connection. The diagram on the mandala represents the dwelling of a … Read more

Eureka! What A Sunset

Driving back to Choteau from Pine Butte Guest Ranch the other evening we saw lots of deer, oh yes, and also an elk herd dining in someone’s hayfield. An impressive sunset was also tempting our cameras as we approached Eureka Reservoir, not too far from the junction of the Teton Road and US Hwy 89. We decided we needed to stop and capture this image. I typically say that sunsets need to be seen and enjoyed in person but … Read more

An Evening Cookout

Our trail ride to the weekly cookout at Pine Butte Guest Ranch was great – wonderful scenery, perfect weather and diverse terrain. We rode uphill, downhill, through trees and also across fairly flat land, finally arriving in a meadow where we could tie our horses to hitching posts and dismount. Some guests had taken the van to the meadow and they were patiently waiting. Pine Butte staff had the fire going and everything set up for supper. Traditionally, the ranch … Read more

Meet My Horse

Our next adventure at Pine Butte Guest Ranch was a trail ride to an evening steak fry cookout. Today’s lunch was hastily consumed between Great Falls and Choteau earlier in the day and I was looking forward to a meal with more than one food group. Nikki, one of Pine Butte’s wranglers, was already saddling horses for the trail ride to the cookout. To say that Nikki is high energy would still be an understatement. This gal can … Read more

The Scenery Is Jaw-Dropping Pretty

A month ago when I was at Pine Butte Guest Ranch I was impressed with the wildflowers – the ever-so-showy arrowleaf balsamroot literally covered meadows and mountainsides. Those same areas now seemed to be covered with a true wildflower mix. I won’t even begin to say the names, because I don’t know them, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the explosion of color covering the area. As we rode away from the ranch headquarters we climbed through … Read more

Another Visit to Pine Butte Guest Ranch

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…it’s time for another visit to The Nature Conservancy’s Pine Butte Guest Ranch west of Choteau, MT. A month ago we had a great visit to Pine Butte Guest Ranch but rainy weather created a few challenges for photography. This time we were in luck with good weather. We started shooting pictures as soon as we turned into the lane heading to the guest ranch. In case you’ve ever wondered why these mountains are … Read more