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Archive | August, 2010


Lewistown’s Historic Calvert Hotel

I recently toured The Historic Calvert Hotel in Lewistown, Montana. Rooms in this former school dormitory have recently been remodeled and when I was there the owner was laying tile (beautiful tile I might add) in the lower level that will become a restaurant and lounge. In fact, the tile work in the restrooms in […]

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Fun Time at Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Lewistown hosts the annual Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Western Music Rendezvous the second weekend in August and I was fortunate to attend Saturday afternoon and evening. In addition to good music, we had the greatest time listening to a variety of poets. The poets write from personal experiences and definitely from their heart. Each 45 minute session […]

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Get Lost in Montana’s Russell Country

We took Montana’s recent ad campaign to heart a week ago and got lost! Well, I can’t say that we were lost but we didn’t get to where I thought I was going. I’m fairly sure it was just one incorrect turn and that turn wasn’t marked. What a drive though! We started driving to the ghost […]

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Watching The Packstring

All of the guests at 7 Lazy P were excited about their 10 day pack trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and I was no exception. I guess the exception was that I only would ride for one day. The group would ride to the south part of the frequently photographed Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall and […]

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Riding With A Packstring

Our ride with the packstring and guests going in to the Bob Marshall Wilderness with 7 Lazy P guest ranch was about to begin. Even the experienced riders were sharing a few insecurities – after all, 10 days is a long time. We received a few instructions after breakfast and, I must digress…we also sang […]

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Fiddlin’ Around

Not only could Jayce pack a mule, we found out that he played the fiddle. I’m sure he was pretty tired after packing gear but he agreed to play a few songs for us when we pointed out that we would not hear his music around the campfire when the other guests would. Yup, a […]

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Mule Packing is Hard Work

First off, I’ve never packed a mule. But, I feel I can truly say it is hard work because I have watched the effort twice this summer! If I was in charge of the pack trip I would probably have sticky notes all over the barn with lists of things to remember. This photo is just […]

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