Campfire Memories at Triple J Wilderness Ranch

It’s a perfect summer evening in the mountains at Triple J ranch. One of the wranglers is building a fire in the fire pit. I’m tired and I’m thinking about heading to my cabin and getting organized for tomorrow’s departure. But, the lure of sitting around the campfire sharing memories with other guests overrides. This is our last evening at Triple J and it’s difficult to think about leaving the other guests. We’ll miss owners Kim … Read more

Are There Fish At Triple J Ranch?

As you walk between the cabins and the lodge at Triple J guest ranch you see the Trout Pond. It’s a calm and pastoral setting and I am positive there are plenty of trout there. Ranch owner Ernie Barker has agreed to do a fly-casting and fish-catching demo for five of us. Today is cooler, a little cloudy and my eagle eye is predicting some moisture. I’ve always heard that fish bite best when it’s … Read more

Learning How To Pack A Mule

We’ve been riding horses while we have been at Triple J Wilderness Ranch but they have quite a few mules in the corral also. Mules are used for pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness area and there is quite an art to packing them. One of our wranglers is ready to give us a demo on how this job is done. First of all, the mule is huge. He’s a good model though, patient and seemingly easy-going. … Read more

A Real Horse Drive

You always hear about cattle drives but we watched a real horse drive at Triple J Wilderness Ranch near Augusta. The horses were moving from the upper corrals to a lower meadow. We positioned ourselves out of the way in case they got to running too fast. The horses must have known there was some tasty grazing waiting because they really took off running. This photo was taken after the horses passed by me and the wranglers were … Read more

The Art of Wearing A Hat

A few days ago I said I wouldn’t wear a cowboy hat. OK, can I take that back? I happened to walk by Triple J’s gift shop and noticed some very tempting things. Tee shirts are always useful, the jewelry was unique and then, well, there were cowboy hats. Nobody was around so I decided I would just try one on. I looked in the mirror and thought about how much it would add to the flavor of … Read more

Morning Stroll at Triple J Ranch

Last night I was so tired – it must have been all of the fresh mountain air. To top it off, I woke up very early today so I decided to go out for a walk. The morning air was crisp reminding me that we are at a higher elevation, around 5,300 feet above sea level. My home elevation is 3,300 feet and it did seem different. I’ve decided this photo should be titled Winding Road. The setting was so beautiful … Read more

Evening Entertainment at Triple J

Another meal has worked its way into my tummy. We finished supper and everyone wandered in to one of the sitting rooms in the large log lodge. A neighboring rancher was there to entertain us for the evening. We were amazed at his curly chaps and he proudly told us his family’s history of owning them. We were treated to singing, guitar playing, cowboy poetry and just plain interesting stories. Ranching stories, cowboy stories, some humorous, … Read more

Learning Horsemanship at Triple J

Our first full day at Triple J Guest Ranch started with breakfast, a very yummy breakfast. We were served plenty of protein, plus my favorites, homemade breads, jams and jellies (be sure to try Ann’s special jelly combinations). After breakfast all of the guests went up to the corral and our wranglers did an interesting demonstration on how to saddle a horse. We also learned some general horsemanship tips. There was a wide range of riding skills among the guests and the … Read more

Entering Triple J Guest Ranch

As we drove in to Triple J Wilderness Ranch we all wanted to get our cameras out and start capturing this idyllic scene. In a couple of panoramic views we saw aspen trees, pine trees, a rambling road, lots of horses (I bet there are 100) and a beautiful log lodge and cabins. All of this was surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains. I took many outside photos of the cabins and … Read more

Guest Ranch Getaway-Starting Our Trip

I recently had the opportunity to visit three guest ranches along the Rocky Mountain Front. Five gals met in Augusta, MT (about 60 miles west of Great Falls) at an eclectic gift store/coffee bar called Latigo and Lace to start this amazing vacation. The weather was everything we could have asked for, bright, sunny skies and a few huge white clouds to create our Big Sky Country canopy. Two of us had been to Augusta before but … Read more