A Visit to 7 Lazy P Guest Ranch

It’s time to move to our next guest ranch. Pine Butte guest ranch is located on the south fork of the Teton River and we’ll go to the north fork and visit 7 Lazy P guest ranch. After extended goodbyes at Pine Butte, we drive what seems like only about 15 minutes and we are at 7 Lazy P. Owner Chuck Blixrud is patiently waiting at the lodge for us. I’ve known Chuck for many years and … Read more

Mill Falls Hike With Pine Butte Naturalist

Our hike to Mill Falls was a relaxed walk through the pines. Elevation gain wasn’t noticeable and the weather was cool but we had a break from the rain. We are in the Lewis & Clark National Forest and trails are well-signed. The US Forest Service office in Choteau, MT manages this area of the forest and they have maps and plenty of information if you are planning a hike. Vegetation was thick in this area and you can see … Read more

Evening Entertainment at Pine Butte Guest Ranch

Our evening entertainment was a special request from our group. The other guests had heard it the night before we arrived and we didn’t want to be left out. It didn’t take long to realize that guest ranch manager Jim Culver obviously has a lot of talents. He runs the guest ranch, has excellent horsemanship skills and he sang and played guitar for us for over an hour. We were treated to amazing vocals and great instrumentals coverning … Read more

Red Cowboy Boot Envy

While we were waiting for our requested evening entertainment at Pine Butte guest ranch one night, I snapped a few photos of the stunning “red boots” that one gal in our group had. I saw them the minute she deboarded her airplane flight and was I ever envious. I have to admit, she wore them well. They were a great design in my favorite color. Mine are plain brown, nice and functional. Well, I can’t have it all!   … Read more

Hiking at Pine Butte Guest Ranch

I heard rain on my cabin roof throughout the night and was glad it was raining then. Maybe we’d see clear and sunny skies in the morning. It was not going to happen that way though. This landscape can always use a good soak so I hesitated to complain. And, I didn’t! During breakfast, management and staff were busy making Plan B for the day. I always say that the true test of good management … Read more

North Fork Teton River Tour

Our Pine Butte staffers had another area to show us and that was on the north fork of the Teton River. Pine Butte guest ranch sits on the south fork but, as the crow files, they aren’t far apart. Two guest ranch vans traveled to the north side of the river, then west going deeper in to the Rocky Mountains. We passed the entrance to a local ski area and beyond that, I was slightly unsure … Read more

A Perfect Setting at Pine Butte Guest Ranch

As we drive out to Pine Butte Guest Ranch west of Choteau, MT the terrain begins to change. When we turned west off US Hwy 89 a few miles north of Choteau, we saw the Rocky Mountains but the ground was still fairly flat. We are on the Teton Canyon Road, paved for most of the way as it follows along the north side of the Teton River. We cross the river and drive on the gravel … Read more

Old Trail Museum in Choteau, MT

After we left Triple J guest ranch we drove to Augusta, then up Hwy 287 to Choteau. The two communities are about a half hour apart. We drove north on US Hwy 89 through the main business district in Choteau and came to the Old Trail Museum Complex. Choteau’s Visitor Information Center anchors the south end of the complex and there are several buildings in between. We started at the main museum to learn some history about the Circle … Read more

Time to Leave Triple J Ranch

Our time is up at Triple J guest ranch and we are moving to our next ranch. Goodbyes are said several times and it’s obvious we are leaving a corner of our heart at the ranch. Memories are with us though. The descent down the mountains is the same route we used before. We travel past Gibson Reservoir on a paved forest service road, then on to a gravel road until we get back to the town of Augusta. It … Read more